Lawsuit alleges unauthorized publication of personal genetics data

by jeeg 15. May 2014 00:03
  On Tuesday, an Alaska man became the lead plaintiff in a proposed class-action lawsuit filed against the makers of Family Tree, a Texas-based DNA testing company In his suit, Michael Cole alleges that months after purchasing a Family Tree at-home genetics kit and joining a “project,... [More]

Nebraska high court denies man's DNA test request

by jeeg 23. March 2014 19:39
 The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday nixed a request for DNA testing of evidence gathered in the case of a man serving life in prison for shooting another man to death at an Omaha restaurant drive-thru. Antoine Young, 40, was convicted in 2008 of first-degree murder and a weapons count for ... [More]

Ontario Police face scrutiny over DNA testing sweep

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:25
  Ontario's police watchdog has launched a review of the DNA sampling practices of the Ontario Provincial Police after a complaint alleging racial profiling in the case of 100 migrant workers. The workers were subjected to a testing sweep, even though for many their only similarity to the su... [More]

Stop selling those DNA tests, FDA tells 23andMe

by jeeg 25. November 2013 21:08
The Food and Drug Administration has ordered DNA testing company 23andMe to stop marketing its over-the-counter genetic test, saying it’s being sold illegally to diagnose diseases, and with no proof it actually works. The heavily marketed test includes a kit for sampling saliva, and the... [More]

DNA Double Take

by jeeg 17. September 2013 21:55
From biology class to “C.S.I.,” we are told again and again that our genome is at the heart of our identity. Read the sequences in the chromosomes of a single cell, and learn everything about a person’s genetic information — or, as 23andme, a prominent genetic testing c... [More]

Some Worry Over a Law to Increase DNA Testing

by jeeg 19. August 2013 22:05
In some Texas counties, it takes six months or longer to get DNA test results from the Department of Public Safety, says William Lee Hon, the Polk County criminal district attorney. Now, Mr. Hon and other prosecutors fear that come Sept. 1, when a new law takes effect requiring DNA analysis ... [More]

DNA Test for Rare Disorders Becomes More Routine

by jeeg 19. February 2013 21:20
Debra Sukin and her husband were determined to take no chances with her second pregnancy. Their first child, Jacob, who had a serious genetic disorder, did not babble when he was a year old and had severe developmental delays. So the second time around, Ms. Sukin had what was then the most advan... [More]

Infant DNA Tests Speed Diagnosis of Rare Diseases

by jeeg 5. October 2012 21:31
From the day she was born, the girl had seizure after seizure. Doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., frantically tried to keep her alive. Weeks passed and every medication failed. Finally, her family decided to let their baby go, and the medical devices were withdrawn. She ... [More]

Stolen babies saga takes new twist

by jeeg 20. July 2011 01:29
TESTS ON the DNA of two children adopted by the owner of Argentina’s most powerful media conglomerate show they are not among an estimated 500 babies stolen from political detainees “disappeared” by the former military dictatorship, their lawyer claimed at the weekend. The a... [More]

UAE aims to create DNA database in 10-year project

by jeeg 18. January 2011 22:38
The UAE has large plans and grandiose ambitions to create a national DNA database. "This is a ten-year project and the UAE is set to be among the first countries to establish a DNA to all its residents and one of 55 countries out of 180 that will establish such a database," Colonel Dr Ahmad A... [More]
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