Playing fast and loose with DNA

by jeeg 31. July 2012 23:59
An appellate panel should limit the scope of California's Proposition 69, which authorized DNA collection of anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony. In 2004 California voters approved Proposition 69, which authorized the collection of DNA evidence not just from convicted offenders and peopl... [More]

Vermont defense lawyers challenging expansion of DNA collection law

by jeeg 28. December 2011 21:30
Some Vermont defense attorneys are challenging the expansion of state law that allows DNA samples to be taken from more criminal suspects and the issue is likely to end up before the state Supreme Court. Defense attorneys across the state are claiming that requiring more people to submit DNA samp... [More]

MBTA to swap spit with FBI database

by jeeg 10. November 2011 01:57
DNA profiles of saliva evidence taken as part of a new transit police crackdown on spitting assaults against MBTA workers will be stored indefinitely in an FBI-run databank, authorities said yesterday. The Herald reported yesterday that T police now plan to use DNA kits to swab the spittle of... [More]

Potential victims give DNA for Dallas database

by jeeg 10. July 2010 07:08
Tesha Cobb knows the risks of the life of prostitution and drugs she is fighting to leave behind for good. The 35-year-old mother was once beaten in the head with a hammer and another time jumped from a moving vehicle at highway speed. She's drug-free now and is determined not to look back. ... [More]
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