The Dark Side of DNA Evidence

by jeeg 5. April 2013 22:09
On February 26, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Maryland v. King, which presents the question of whether the Fourth Amendment permits the warrantless collection of DNA from people arrested for, but not convicted of, a crime. Currently, twenty-eight states and federal law enforcement co... [More]

Supreme Court may review case over DNA samples

by jeeg 1. August 2012 23:39
The Supreme Court signaled on Monday that it may review whether law enforcement officials may collect DNA samples from people who have been accused, but not convicted, of serious crimes. Chief Justice John Roberts put on hold an April 24 decision by a divided Maryland Court of Appeals overturning... [More]

US Supreme Court stays DNA ruling

by jeeg 20. July 2012 00:02
The U.S. Supreme Court has put on hold — at least for a week — a ruling by Maryland’s highest court that prohibits DNA collection from suspects charged but not yet convicted in violent crimes.   Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler had asked the nation’s hig... [More]

Crunch time for DNA database in South Africa

by jeeg 14. June 2012 22:24
The Secretariat for Police is set to present a DNA policy, which is going to underpin the second draft of the DNA Bill, to the Portfolio Committee for Police on Wednesday. The Secretariat of Police provides strategic advice to the Minister of Police.   The DNA Bill will allow South Afri... [More]

Md. high court strikes down DNA collection at arrest

by jeeg 26. April 2012 21:11
Maryland's highest court on Tuesday blocked police in most cases from collecting DNA samples when they arrest suspects in violent crimes and burglaries, dealing a blow to one of Gov. Martin O'Malley's signature initiatives. The Court of Appeals ruled 5-2 that the state violated Alonzo Jay Kin... [More]

UK Teenager wrongly accused of rape because of DNA contamination is released from prison

by jeeg 13. March 2012 20:30
A teenager who spent months behind bars wrongly accused of rape after a DNA blunder has spoken of his 'relief, anger and disgust' after the charge was dropped. Adam Scott, 19, was due to stand trial next month in connection with a sex attack on a woman at Plant Hill Park in Blackley. His DNA... [More]

Russia to create severe offenders DNA database

by jeeg 24. October 2011 22:53
The Russian newspaper, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, writes that moving forward the DNA of most aggressive criminals will be stored in a special government registry. Every penitentiary will have special Ministry of Interior labs that will take blood samples from severe offenders and store them for futur... [More]

Stolen babies saga takes new twist

by jeeg 20. July 2011 01:29
TESTS ON the DNA of two children adopted by the owner of Argentina’s most powerful media conglomerate show they are not among an estimated 500 babies stolen from political detainees “disappeared” by the former military dictatorship, their lawyer claimed at the weekend. The a... [More]

Forensic Science Service to be wound up

by jeeg 15. December 2010 20:37
The government-owned Forensic Science Service, which employs 1,600 people, is to be wound up - closing by 2012. Crime Reduction Minister James Brokenshire said the Birmingham-based service was losing about £2m a month and could run out of money in January. Its evidence was key to the a... [More]
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