Appeals court upholds retention of volunteered DNA

by jeeg 5. August 2014 21:49
  An appeals court on Wednesday sanctioned the police's use of genetic material obtained in one investigation to solve other crimes, but agreed with attorneys for a burglar that questions surround the little known practice. Three judges of the Court of Special Appeals upheld the burglary co... [More]

DNA and Privacy in Vermont

by jeeg 18. July 2014 18:26
  The intersection of technology and law has been the scene of numerous collisions in recent years, and often it has been unclear which had the better claim to the right of way. A sharply divided Vermont Supreme Court decided just such a case last week, ruling that the routine collection of ... [More]

Local Police Collect DNA Samples From Crime Victims

by jeeg 27. December 2013 02:42
  Victims of a crime tell CBS 12 they feel like the Riviera Beach Police Department treated them like the actual criminals.Three days before Christmas, a single mom with five children says her family's life has been turned upside down.Why? It’s a family's worst nightmare – they c... [More]
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