DTC Genetic Testing Industry and its Supporters Fail to Discredit Damning GAO Report

by jeeg 17. March 2011 18:24
Former FDA official Mary Pendergast, who now works as an adviser to some companies that seek to market genetic tests, raised eyebrows at an FDA hearing on regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing when she made some startling claims about the veracity of a damning GAO report which ... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine on Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing

by jeeg 5. October 2010 01:27
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing has been making headlines recently, provoking controversy and raising a wide range of policy questions.  The new issue of GeneWatch magazine, now available online, digs deep into this important issue with exclusive interviews, including a  candid conver... [More]

European Society of Human Genetics takes strong position on DTC genetic testing

by jeeg 4. September 2010 00:02
The European Society of Human Genetics has called for thorough regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing services in a recently released statement in the European Journal for Human Genetics.  The statement covers all aspects of direct-to-consumer genetic testing se... [More]

CDC Calls Personal Genomics "Not Ready for Prime Time"

by jeeg 31. July 2010 00:37
Dr. Muin Khoury, director of the Office of Public Health Genomics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the first time publicly stated the CDC's position against DTC testing.  His full statement is below: Today I would like to talk to you about personal genomic tests that... [More]

Undercover Investigation Hits DTC Testing Companies Hard

by jeeg 22. July 2010 23:21
An undercover investigation of some firms that sell genetic test kits to consumers found misleading test results and “egregious examples of deceptive marketing,” according to a report published today by the Government Accountability Office.     Federal investigators... [More]

Are they really your genes?

by jeeg 7. June 2010 20:15
23andMe recently announced that at least 96 customers received the wrong genetic information after a sample mix-up in its LapCorp testing facility. The problem seems to have been first detected by the personal genomics company’s customers, who noticed some puzzling results when they chec... [More]

Congress Investigates DTC Genomics

by jeeg 26. May 2010 02:01
A Congressional committee opened an investigation of three direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies this week. The House’s Committee on Energy and Commerce sent requests to the CEOs of 23andme, Navigenics and Pathway Genomics for a wide array of information about the companies&rsq... [More]
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