DHS Considers Collecting DNA From Kids; DEA and US Marshals Already Do

by jeeg 16. May 2012 23:32
Documents just released by US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) in response to one of EFF’s Freedom of Information Act requests show that DHS is considering collecting DNA from kids ages 14 and up—and is exploring expanding its regulations to allow collection from kids younger ... [More]

Executive Branch Opposes Gene Patents-Initial Impressions

by jeeg 1. November 2010 19:36
The Department of Justice (DOJ) amicus brief supporting the ACLU's position in the Myriad case that isolated genes are products of nature and therefore not patentable is big news and its brief will carry a lot of weight with the court.      What's mor... [More]

Group Asks for Stay of Stem Cell Injunction

by jeeg 6. September 2010 16:54
A stem cell research advocacy group consisting of nearly 100 universities, scientific societies, patient organizations and foundations has filed a court document explaining why Judge Royce Lamberth, who last month issued an injunction against federal funding of human embryonic stem cell resear... [More]
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