Court’s DNA Ruling Brings U.S. a Step Closer to ’Gattaca’

by jeeg 4. June 2013 00:20
  The day that DNA cheek swabs officially became the new fingerprints deserves to be marked and remembered -- and not just because of the inevitable march of technology. No, the Supreme Court’s 5-4 holding today in Maryland v. King, that anyone arrested for a “serious crime&r... [More]

In a close 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court comes out on the wrong side of history allowing taking of DNA upon arrest

by jeeg 3. June 2013 20:47
Routine DNA Testing After Arrest Upheld by Top U.S. Court States can routinely collect DNA samples from people who are arrested for a serious crime, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled, limiting privacy rights and giving police a powerful investigative tool for solving old crimes.   The... [More]

Request for DNA questioned in fatal bus stop crash

by jeeg 12. March 2013 00:07
Defense attorneys are questioning the motives of authorities who on Friday requested the DNA of Gary Lee Hosey Jr.'s passengers in the crash that left four dead and eight injured in September. Hosey's lawyers, Kristina Wildeveld and Dayvid Figler, said their client told police that he was the... [More]

Ruling voids Arizona law on sampling juveniles' DNA

by jeeg 5. July 2012 21:55
Analyzing the DNA samples of juveniles who have not been found guilty of any crime is an unconstitutional warrantless search, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.   In a unanimous decision, the justices said the state is free to force juveniles accused of certain serious offenses ... [More]

Federal court: If you're arrested, officials can take a DNA sample

by jeeg 29. July 2011 18:49
A federal appeals court ruled on Monday that forcing criminal suspects to provide a DNA sample upon arrest – and prior to any conviction – does not violate constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Third US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 8 to 6 tha... [More]
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