New Research on "Junk" DNA Raises Questions on Eve of Crucial Court Hearing

by jeeg 20. September 2012 01:36
On September 19, the Ninth Circuit is set to hear new arguments in Haskell v. Harris, a case challenging California’s warrantless DNA collection program. Today EFF asked the court to consider ground-breaking new research that confirms for the first time that over 80% of our DNA that was on... [More]

MBTA to swap spit with FBI database

by jeeg 10. November 2011 01:57
DNA profiles of saliva evidence taken as part of a new transit police crackdown on spitting assaults against MBTA workers will be stored indefinitely in an FBI-run databank, authorities said yesterday. The Herald reported yesterday that T police now plan to use DNA kits to swab the spittle of... [More]
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