Experiment Brings Human Cloning One Step Closer

by jeeg 16. May 2013 21:14
  Scientists have used cloning technology to transform human skin cells into embryonic stem cells, an experiment that may revive the controversy over human cloning. The researchers stopped well short of creating a human clone. But they showed, for the first time, that it is possib... [More]

Neanderthal Baby Idea Floated By Harvard Geneticist Sparks Ethics Debate Over Cloning

by jeeg 23. January 2013 22:58
In a controversial interview that has ignited commentary across the world, a respected Harvard professor of genetics has suggested an "extremely adventurous female human" might someday serve as surrogate mother for a cloned Neanderthal baby.   Besides saying that the cloning of a live N... [More]

Endangered Or Extinct Animals Won’t Be Saved By Cloning

by jeeg 20. November 2012 20:05
There are over 1,000 endangered animal species in South America. Saving everything from the jaguar to the manatee isn’t easy. In fact, most endangered species will probably lose their battle for home and food to humans. Now, some scientist are trying to clone them to ease the pressure. New Sc... [More]

Cloning to keep wild buffaloes soldiering on

by jeeg 30. October 2012 21:04
Chhattisgarh has approached the National Dairy Research Institute to clone its state animal ban bhainsa (wild buffalo) and throw the endangered species a lifeline. Once found in abundance in central India, wild buffaloes, which bear a striking resemblance to bisons, are now restricted to ... [More]

Jurassic Park Impossible Because of Stupid Laws of Physics

by jeeg 12. October 2012 22:53
The lesson of the Jurassic Park tragedy was clear — man and dinosaur were not meant to coexist. It’s lucky then that dinosaur fossils are far too old to contain any genetic material that could be used for cloning. DNA breaks down over time, even when kept in ideal conditions,... [More]

Disgraced researcher questioned over interspecies cloning claims

by jeeg 21. October 2011 23:59
Critics are questioning the veracity of recent claims from the research team of Dr. Hwang Woo-suk at the Suam Bioengineering Research Institute and Gyeonggi Province. Hwang and the government claim that the team succeeded for the first time in cloning the endangered coyote and performing inter... [More]

Setback for New Stem Cell Treatment

by jeeg 14. May 2011 00:23
In an unexpected setback to efforts to harness a promising new type of stem cell to treat diseases, researchers reported on Friday that tissues made from those stem cells might be rejected by a patient’s immune system — even though the tissues would be derived from that very same p... [More]

European Parliament calls for ban on food from cloned animals

by jeeg 25. July 2010 18:33
  Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) renewed their appeal for a ban on food from cloned animals when they voted on novel foods legislation on Wednesday. They also demanded a moratorium on foods using nanotechnology until potential health risks can be ruled out. Novel foods - th... [More]

Europe Seeks to Ban Food From Clones

by jeeg 9. July 2010 00:09
The European Parliament asked on Wednesday for a ban on the sale of foods from cloned animals and their offspring, the latest sign of deepening concern in the European Union about the safety and ethics of new food technologies. The chamber, meeting in Strasbourg, France, a... [More]
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