Can scientists bring mammoths back to life by cloning?

by jeeg 11. February 2015 01:02
  When Dolly the sheep was cloned from the mammary cell of a Finn-Dorset sheep in 1996, the public imagined growing identical copies of all sorts of animals. The process, known as somatic cloning, tempted us with the idea that if we could obtain just a single working nucleus from any cell, w... [More]

Dolly the Sheep’s Clones Deemed Unpatentable by Court

by jeeg 10. May 2014 00:20
  The Scottish scientists famous for concocting “Dolly” the sheep lost a bid to get U.S. patent protection for the cloned animal, as a court said their creations are just genetic copies of naturally occurring beings. The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh had argued that Dolly, which... [More]

Neanderthals Are People, Too

by jeeg 26. April 2014 01:13
  I NEVER met my paternal grandfather. He died of the Spanish flu in 1919 at the age of 30, before his children and grandchildren ever got to know him. He was a brilliant mathematician and, as a scientist myself, I feel curious about what he was like. I take consolation from the fact that he... [More]

Disgraced Scientist Granted U.S. Patent for Work Found to be Fraudulent

by jeeg 18. February 2014 16:55
Korean researcher Hwang Woo-suk electrified the science world 10 years ago with his claim that he had created the world’s first cloned human embryos and had extracted stem cells from them. But the work was later found to be fraudulent, and Dr. Hwang was fired from his university and convicte... [More]

Americans Excited Over DNA Breakthroughs, But Many Worry About The Implications: Poll

by jeeg 5. February 2014 20:59
A new poll from the Huffington Post and YouGov finds that although most Americans are excited by the possibility of the scientific breakthroughs made possible by DNA research, many of them worry that research could go too far — and the scientists could begin “playing God.” The p... [More]

China cloning on an 'industrial scale'

by jeeg 20. January 2014 17:30
You hear the squeals of the pigs long before reaching a set of long buildings set in rolling hills in southern China. Feeding time produces a frenzy as the animals strain against the railings around their pens. But this is no ordinary farm. Run by a fast-growing company called BGI, this facility... [More]

Invasion of the Cloned Horses

by jeeg 26. August 2013 21:19
The American Quarter Horse Association is “the world’s largest equine breed registry.” Now they’re going to get even larger, because a court has ruled they must accept cloned horses' applications to join their exclusive club.  The saga began last August when horse... [More]

US Judge Asks U.S. horse association will be ordered to allow clones on registry

by jeeg 20. August 2013 01:36
A U.S. horse association soon will be required to add cloned horses and their offspring to its prestigious registry, a federal judge in Texas ruled on Monday. The decision could encourage cloning and open the way for the animals to participate in lucrative horse races. U.S. District Co... [More]

Why Efforts to Bring Extinct Species Back from the Dead Miss the Point

by jeeg 29. May 2013 00:03
“We will get woolly mammoths back.” So vowed environmentalist Stewart Brand at the TED conference in Long Beach, Calif., in February in laying out his vision for reviving extinct species. The mammoth isn't the only vanished creature Brand and other proponents of “de-extinctio... [More]

Cell reviewing allegations of image reuse in human embryonic stem cell cloning paper

by jeeg 23. May 2013 22:43
  Cell is looking into whether the authors of a widely hailed study published last week claiming to have turned human skin cells into embryonic stem cells manipulated images inappropriately, Retraction Watch has learned. The potential image problems came to light on PubPeer, a site desi... [More]
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