If Canada does not act to protect genetic data, we could see the rise of genetic discrimination

by jeeg 21. May 2015 23:27
  Earlier this month the Senate Human Rights Committee gutted a bill calling for a law against genetic discrimination in Canada. Instead of protecting Canadians from having their personal genetic information used against them, the bill now simply provides a definition of “disclose&rdqu... [More]

Canadian bill banning genetic discrimination runs into hurdles

by jeeg 23. February 2015 20:36
  A Senate bill that would block businesses from obtaining details of someone’s genetic makeup has been watered down too much, its supporters charge. The bill, S-201, was aimed at preventing employers, businesses and insurance companies from gaining a... [More]

Genetic Discrimination Means the Choice Between Life and Life Insurance in Canada

by jeeg 12. December 2014 19:25
Protecting members of our society from discrimination based on the colour of their skin, ethnicity, or ancestry is a fundamental Canadian value. Unfortunately, Canadians across the country currently face real as well as potential future discrimination based on their DNA. Genetic discrimination i... [More]

How a gene-patent test case in Canada will help both patients and inventors

by Admin 4. November 2014 20:38
  Canadian prosperity depends on our ability to innovate. When it comes to unlocking the power and mysteries of genomic medicine, our competitors in the United States now have free reign – but Canadian innovators continue to be shackled. The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontari... [More]

Canada Agency Clashes With Insurers on Genetic Testing

by jeeg 10. July 2014 22:51
  A Canadian agency is pushing life and health insurers to stop asking applicants for access to genetic test results, drawing resistance from an industry that says the data help companies properly price policies. The request today from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada asks i... [More]

Ontario Police face scrutiny over DNA testing sweep

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:25
  Ontario's police watchdog has launched a review of the DNA sampling practices of the Ontario Provincial Police after a complaint alleging racial profiling in the case of 100 migrant workers. The workers were subjected to a testing sweep, even though for many their only similarity to the su... [More]

Canada looks at plan to collect DNA from suspects upon arrest

by jeeg 2. October 2013 20:51
The federal government is considering a move to collect DNA samples from suspects upon arrest for certain crimes, a significant expansion of current DNA databank laws that is raising concerns for criminal defence lawyers and civil-rights advocates. In a recent interview, Peter MacKay told The Glo... [More]

Canada needs to regulate non-medical use of genetic information

by jeeg 17. December 2012 18:20
While predictive genetic testing holds the promise of advancing the understanding of disease, there is also great potential for the information to be misused. Currently, Canada is the only G-8 country without a policy or legislation on the use and collection of genetic information for non-resear... [More]

Improved genetic mapping leads to privacy concerns - B.C. Civil Liberties Association

by jeeg 24. January 2012 23:54
The federal government's tough on crime agenda and better-than-ever genetic mapping technologies means more legal protections are needed to protect the privacy of Canadians, according to a report commissioned by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. Improved genetic mapping technologies can h... [More]

Regulation of genetic tests unnecessary, Canadian government says

by jeeg 14. December 2010 23:37
Industry forecasts indicate that Canadians will soon face a marketing avalanche to persuade them to purchase personal genetic test kits. But while American officials are moving to regulate do-it-yourself genetic testing kits because of concerns that results may be erroneous or may prompt patie... [More]
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