Cal’s Genetic Testing of Freshmen: Retreat and Declare Victory

by jeeg 17. August 2010 02:52
The University of California at Berkeley has been forced, by the California Department of Public Health, to abandon significant portions of its “Bring Your Genes to Cal” orientation program for incoming freshmen. The Department of Health informed UC Berkeley that major aspects of t... [More]

CRG Response to Berkeley Genetic Testing Program Changes

by jeeg 13. August 2010 03:09
  The Council for Responsible Genetics is pleased that the University of California, Berkeley has decided to follow the law in the administration of their controversial “Bring Your Genes to Cal” freshman genetic testing program and not improperly use an unaccredited l... [More]

Critics Confront Berkeley at Genetic Testing Hearing

by jeeg 12. August 2010 05:33
Two UC Berkeley professors Tuesday defended a controversial plan to perform genetic testing on incoming freshmen during a legislative hearing that also featured testimony from privacy experts and bioethicists blasting the plan. Lawmakers asked questions about the Bring Your Genes to Cal proje... [More]

CRG President Testifies Before Legislature on Controversial Berkeley Genetic Testing Program

by jeeg 11. August 2010 11:20
HIGHER EDUCATION COMMITTEE OVERSIGHT HEARING TESTIMONY BERKELEY BRING YOUR GENES TO CAL FRESHMAN ORIENTATION PROGRAM TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2010       Chairman Block and Members of the Committee,   Thank you for inviting me to testify before you today.  My na... [More]

Legislative Hearing on Controversial Berkeley Program Tomorrow

by jeeg 10. August 2010 00:21
This is a reminder that there will be a public oversight hearing in the California State Legislature on the controversial  “Bring Your Genes to Cal” Freshman Orientation Program at the University of California, Berkeley.  “The students and taxpayers deserve to have ... [More]

CRG Raises New Questions About Berkeley’s Genetic Testing Program

by jeeg 7. August 2010 02:34
The Council for Responsible Genetics, a public interest organization, is raising serious new concerns regarding UC Berkeley’s incoming freshman genetic testing program, “Bring Your Genes to Cal.” The program, designed for incoming freshman in the College of Letters and Scienc... [More]
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