Myriad Genetics Ending Patent Dispute on Breast Cancer Risk Testing

by jeeg 28. January 2015 20:07
  Myriad Genetics has essentially given up trying to stop other companies from offering tests for increased risk of breast cancer, ending a dispute that was the subject of a landmark Supreme Court ruling that human genes cannot be patented. The company has settled or is in the process of se... [More]

Cheaper Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Risks in 2014?

by jeeg 1. January 2014 20:53
Following the Supreme Court’s rejection of gene patents, the U.S. proposes steep cuts to reimbursements for breast cancer-gene tests.     That natural human genes cannot be patented was one of the biggest biotechnology stories of 2013 and the effects of that Supreme Court decisi... [More]

Why the Angelina Effect Is at Odds With New Guidelines

by jeeg 27. December 2013 02:49
  It's official. The "Angelina Effect" that prompted many women to undergo genetic testing for the breast cancer gene isn't always such a good thing. Actress Angelina Jolie shocked the world last May when she revealed that she'd undergone a preventive double mastectomy after learning th... [More]

Corporate Genetics

by jeeg 21. August 2013 22:10
In June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that patents on genes were invalid. Yet corporate intellectual-property claims can still harm patients. The court struck down patents held by Myriad Genetics on two human genes linked to breast and ovarian cancers, BRCA1 and BRCA2. The decision ended the c... [More]

The Supreme Court's Gene Patenting Decision Was Personal

by jeeg 21. June 2013 18:45
The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that human genes cannot be patented, and this is exciting news for cancer patients, and individuals seeking to learn more about their genetic risk for disease.   The unanimous decision in Association of Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetic... [More]

Ownership of Genes Stops Research

by jeeg 7. June 2013 20:58
Gene patents have both restricted and distorted research. The clearest example is the way Myriad Genetics has used its patents on BRCA genes to become the sole provider of comprehensive BRCA testing, shutting down many of the early BRCA testing services that were part of genetics research proj... [More]

Australian BRCA1 gene patent ruling to be appealed

by jeeg 5. March 2013 20:42
A decision that private companies can control human genes will be appealed in the Federal Court.   Cancer groups have applauded the move, and say a win is vital to protect patient access to new tests and treatments. Law firm Maurice Blackburn has lodged documents to appeal a decision l... [More]

Genetic profiteering: scandal of firm 'hiding vital breast cancer data'

by jeeg 1. November 2012 21:12
The company that makes the world's biggest-selling gene test for breast and ovarian cancers is refusing to share groundbreaking knowledge that could benefit patients, academics claim. Myriad Genetics is accused of deliberately withholding data that could help other scientists to understand cancer g... [More]

Can a Company Own Your Genes?

by jeeg 15. December 2011 22:20
The human genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 are pretty notorious. A woman carrying a harmful mutation in either of these two genes is five times more likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime, up from a 12 percent likelihood in the general population to about 60 percent. Taken together, mutations in... [More]

Gene Patents "Like Trying to Keep Water in a Sieve"

by jeeg 25. October 2011 01:27
Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced they will ask the Supreme Court to rule on the gene diagnostics company Myriad Genetics' patents on "isolated" BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genes, two genes that can have mutations linked to breast and ovarian cancer, as well as prostate canc... [More]
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