CDC installing cameras in labs in agency-wide safety push

by jeeg 30. January 2015 21:38
  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced camera monitoring of workers in its highest-level biosafety laboratories as it seeks to restore public faith in its procedures after a series of mishaps, agency officials tell Reuters. One lab worker inadvert... [More]

C.D.C. Closes Anthrax and Flu Labs After Accidents

by jeeg 12. July 2014 15:44
After potentially serious back-to-back laboratory accidents, federal health officials announced Friday that they had temporarily closed the flu and anthrax laboratories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and halted shipments of all infectious agents from the agency’... [More]

It’s 10 o'Clock -- Do You Know Where Your Bubonic Plague Is?

by jeeg 12. July 2014 15:29
In every one of the dozens of bioterrorism meetings I have attended over the last three decades, experts have stated unequivocally that the worst-case outbreak scenario would be smallpox in the hands of bad guys. And the most alarming other microbial possibilities that follow? Well, anthrax was al... [More]

Will the United States start a smallpox threat creation program?

by jeeg 29. April 2014 01:13
  In May, the World Health Assembly will yet again consider the question of destruction of smallpox virus. In order to politically legitimize keeping smallpox samples, the United States appears to be positioning itself to begin research that will create new threats from this eradicated virus... [More]

University of Chicago Microbiologist Infected From Possible Lab Accident

by jeeg 13. September 2011 22:10
Another laboratory-acquired infection may have occurred in a University of Chicago building where 2 years ago a researcher contracted plague and later died. Late last month, a researcher who worked in the same general lab area was hospitalized with a skin infection caused by a common bacterium... [More]
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