Pentagon Mistakenly Sends Live Anthrax Samples to Labs Across the Country

by jeeg 28. May 2015 22:20
  The Pentagon announced on Wednesday it had mistakenly sent as many as nine samples of live anthrax to labs across the country, and one internationally. Presumably the announcement was made sheepishly; it’s not a great look for the keeper of America’s nuclear arsenal. ... [More]

Why the CDC Was Blasted over Lab Safety Violations

by jeeg 25. March 2015 23:05
  For the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2014 was a bad year. After a series of errors in which some agency employees were potentially exposed to anthrax and others accidentally shipped a dangerous strain of influenza virus to another lab, director Tom Frieden impos... [More]

Safety experts slam lax safety practices at CDC labs

by jeeg 20. March 2015 23:18
  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recently had lab mishaps involving some of the world's most dangerous pathogens, does "inadequate" training, lacks leadership commitment toward safety and has a significant percentage of staff who are afraid to report accidents, accordi... [More]

CDC installing cameras in labs in agency-wide safety push

by jeeg 30. January 2015 21:38
  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has introduced camera monitoring of workers in its highest-level biosafety laboratories as it seeks to restore public faith in its procedures after a series of mishaps, agency officials tell Reuters. One lab worker inadvert... [More]

Multiple researchers potentially exposed to biological warfare agent at USAMRIID

by jeeg 6. January 2015 23:40
  While sitting in a boiling hot water bath in a Fort Detrick lab, a plastic tube holding a biological warfare agent popped open. Steam rose up out of the bath. A microbiologist walked into the room. And another. One stood in the room for 10 minutes as they discussed what to do, the stea... [More]

CDC to hire lab safety chief after Ebola, bird flu mishaps

by jeeg 31. December 2014 21:15
  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to hire a chief of laboratory safety, a new post that has taken on more urgency after a CDC scientist was possibly exposed to Ebola in a laboratory last week. Creating a new high-level safety position was a key recommendation of a ... [More]

C.D.C. Ebola Error in Lab May Have Exposed Technician to Virus

by jeeg 25. December 2014 01:53
  A laboratory mistake at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may have exposed a technician to the deadly Ebola virus, federal officials said on Wednesday. The technician will be monitored for signs of infection for 21 days, the incubation period of the disease. A small number of ... [More]

Experts debate research pause, gain-of-function issues

by jeeg 17. December 2014 23:41
  In anticipation of today's debate at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in Washington, DC, on "gain-of-function" (GOF) research, two recent editorials and three other opinion pieces in mBio discussed the US government's decision earlier this fall to pause controversial GOF research tha... [More]

New CRG Report Biological Laboratories Risks and Regulations

by jeeg 8. August 2014 01:41
  Recent high profile incidents at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes have brought the discussion of biosafety back to the forefront of the public conscious. In June 2014, the CDC reported that eighty-four personnel were exposed to live anthrax spores that were suppo... [More]

BU biohazard lab is an empty fortress

by jeeg 8. August 2014 01:32
  Boston University’s $200 million biohazard lab in the South End is like no other building in the city. The lab is visible from Albany Street but its entrance isn’t, which is part of the security plan for a place where scientists could eventually perform research on some of the... [More]
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