Weighing The Promises Of Big Genomics

by jeeg 22. May 2015 23:41
  “Success in sight: The eyes have it!” Thus the scientific journal Gene Therapy greeted the news, in 2008, that an experimental treatment was restoring vision to 12 people born with a congenital disorder that slowly left them blind. Healthy genes were injected to replace the fau... [More]

Let public have greater say over big health data

by jeeg 5. February 2015 00:13
  We risk harming the huge potential of mass medical data in health research unless public concerns are properly addressed Digital data are being amassed at an astonishing rate. This vast store presents great opportunities for science. Health data – for example, from biomarkers, med... [More]

Bump Tracker: Nine Months of Big Data

by jeeg 20. August 2014 02:13
  Anne Morriss put down the phone and rushed to where her baby lay sleeping. She watched her newborn breathe for a minute before hurriedly picking up the phone, “He’s still alive,” she said shakily. Anne and her partner had returned home from the hospital with their newborn... [More]

The Genome's Big Data Problem

by jeeg 5. June 2014 20:26
  Medicine will be revolutionised in the 21st century, thanks largely to our increasing understanding and collection of genetic data. Genetic data is information pertaining to part or all of your genome: the DNA structure that makes you you. This is trans... [More]

Will hackers find bioweapon secrets in the cloud?

by jeeg 4. April 2014 18:04
  The collision of big data and decoded genetic information is creating a wealth of opportunities for biologists, engineers and public health researchers. However, there is also the potential that advances in computing and genetics are providing potentially catastrophic opportunities for mal... [More]


by jeeg 23. January 2014 22:17
No, I don't literally mean that we should stop believing in, or collecting, Big Data. But we should stop pretending that Big Data is magic. There are few fields that wouldn't benefit from large, carefully collected data sets. But lots of people, even scientists, put more stock in Big Data than... [More]

Data deadline

by jeeg 15. November 2013 21:39
  A little-noticed proposal promises to have a huge impact on how science is done in the ‘big data’ era. In September, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) released draft guidelines on the sharing of genomic data. The guidelines, which have been in the works for five ye... [More]

Big Data in Biotech Research

by jeeg 10. May 2013 21:01
  The shift from “hypothesis-driven“ to “data-driven” or hypothesis-free research is a major change for medical science. Although much research has always been based on new observations leading to the generation of new hypotheses, the scientific method is rooted i... [More]

Big Data: Bad science on steroids?

by jeeg 25. February 2013 18:41
In case you didn’t realize, we’re living in the era of big data. From sequencing the molecules of human life to divine our futures, to capturing fodder on Twitter to predict disease outbreaks, big data’s potential is massive. It’s the new black gold, after all, and it can... [More]

Big Data in Your Blood

by jeeg 11. September 2012 20:30
Very soon, we will see inside ourselves like never before, with wearable, even internal , sensors that monitor even our most intimate biological processes. It is likely to happen even before we figure out the etiquette and laws around sharing this knowledge. Already products like the Nike+ FuelBand... [More]
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