Most States Unclear About Storage, Use Of Babies' Blood Samples

by jeeg 28. March 2011 23:22
State laws and policies governing the storage and use of surplus blood samples taken from newborns as part of the routine health screening process range from explicit to non-existent, leaving many parents ill-informed about how their babies' left over blood might be used, according to a team led b... [More]

Bill would offer mothers a baby’s DNA sample

by jeeg 2. March 2011 21:08
Virginia hospitals will have to offer new mothers a take-home DNA sample from their baby under a bill approved at the request of the forensic sleuth who inspired the fictional crime fighter, Dr. Kay Scarpetta.Both chambers of the General Assembly unanimously approved House Bill 1836, sponsored... [More]

At Risk From the Womb

by jeeg 3. October 2010 16:39
  Some people think we’re shaped primarily by genes. Others believe that the environment we grow up in is most important. But now evidence is mounting that a third factor is also critical: our uterine environment before we’re even born. Researchers are finding indications t... [More]
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