Vermont court rules no DNA collection until conviction

by jeeg 12. July 2014 15:42
The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled in favor of more than 100 alleged offenders. The case dealt with the collection of their DNA and a suspect's right to keep their genetic material private prior to conviction. The ruling won't overturn any convictions because the practice of collecting a suspect... [More]

Over-sampling DNA in Rhode Island

by jeeg 2. June 2014 19:33
  A bill before the Rhode Island General Assembly would give law enforcement sweeping new powers to collect DNA from people placed under arrest. The legislature should refine this measure, which both overreaches and provides insufficient safeguards for the innocent. The proposed measure, re... [More]

New law limits DNA collection in Idaho

by jeeg 9. April 2014 16:15
In a legislative session filled with controversy and tension, one bill made it through the legislature without one dissenting vote. Senate Bill 1240a, written by Republican Senator Jim Rice, Democrat Senator Elliot Werk, and Republican Representative Lynn Luker, aims to protect Idahoans' privacy by... [More]

Court keeps DNA law, but suit still alive

by jeeg 21. March 2014 20:46
  A federal appeals court says California can continue to enforce its voter-approved DNA law, which requires police to take genetic samples of anyone arrested for a felony. But — to the relief of a Bay Area political protester and other opponents of the law — the court says ... [More]

House Rejects Expansion Of Oklahoma's DNA Database

by jeeg 6. March 2014 18:19
A plan to require people facing trial for certain crimes to submit DNA samples to law enforcement has been rejected by the Oklahoma House, despite an emotional plea from the bill's author. On Wednesday, the House voted 51-35 against the bill by Stillwater Republican Rep. Lee Denney... [More]

DNA collection aids arrests—but what about privacy?

by jeeg 24. February 2014 18:41
In this week’s episode of “TechKnow,” we highlight the latest advances in forensic technology that are helping law enforcement agencies identify suspects and solve crimes with increasing accuracy. Cases that were left cold for years are being revisited with fresh eyes—and, ... [More]

New questions raised about mandatory DNA swabbing by police in California

by jeeg 11. December 2013 22:00
Lily Haskell was arrested while attending a peace rally in San Francisco in March 2009. Police took her fingerprints and swabbed the inside of her cheek to collect a sample of Haskell’s DNA, which was entered into a state database and shared with a federal database run by the Federal Bureau... [More]

California's DNA collection law in key legal test

by jeeg 9. December 2013 20:37
Armed with a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a federal appeals court on Monday will revisit a controversial legal challenge to California's law allowing collection of DNA samples from anyone arrested for a felony. Whether the Supreme Court's ruling on Maryland's similar -- though narrower -... [More]

DNA dilemma: when should police take a sample?

by jeeg 15. November 2013 21:46
State lawmakers in Pennsylvania are debating a bill to allow police to take a sample of someone’s DNA after that person has been arrested for a felony. Currently, that’s only allowed once someone has been convicted. During a hearing on the issue Tuesday, Jayann Sepich shared the s... [More]

Canada looks at plan to collect DNA from suspects upon arrest

by jeeg 2. October 2013 20:51
The federal government is considering a move to collect DNA samples from suspects upon arrest for certain crimes, a significant expansion of current DNA databank laws that is raising concerns for criminal defence lawyers and civil-rights advocates. In a recent interview, Peter MacKay told The Glo... [More]
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