By ‘Editing’ Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation

by jeeg 5. January 2015 21:11
    Its first attempt to develop genetically engineered grass ended disastrously for the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. The grass escaped into the wild from test plots in Oregon in 2003, dooming the chances that the government would approve the product for commercial use. Yet Scotts is o... [More]

The Founding Fables of Industrialized Agriculture

by jeeg 31. October 2013 20:49
Governments these days are not content with agriculture that merely provides good food. In line with the dogma of neoliberalism they want it to contribute as much wealth as any other industry towards the grand goal of “economic growth”. High tech offers to reconcile the two ambitions &... [More]

The Monsanto Menace

by jeeg 30. July 2013 02:32
When you're good at something, you want to leverage that. Monsanto's specialty is killing stuff.   In the early years, the St. Louis biotech giant helped pioneer such leading chemicals as DDT, PCBs, and Agent Orange. Unfortunately, these breakthroughs had a tendency to kill stuff. And t... [More]

Gene Giants Seek "Philanthrogopoly"

by jeeg 8. March 2013 19:48
A report released today by ETC Group warns that 6 multinational Gene Giants control the current priorities and future direction of agriculture research worldwide. Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Dow, Monsanto and DuPont control 59.8 % of commercial seeds and 76.1 % of agrochemicals. The same 6 companies ... [More]

Debate rages on over production of GM products

by jeeg 15. December 2010 20:34
Every time Zhao Fengxia shops for cooking oil, she checks the label to make sure she is buying non-genetically-modified (GM) soy oil. “I am not sure whether GM food is safe or not. It just sounds scary,” said Zhao, a 47-year-old food safety-conscious consumer who works in a Beijin... [More]
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