Like a Leaf From a Tree: The Gene Patent Ruling

by jeeg 2. August 2011 19:30
Friday's much-anticipated gene-patenting ruling from a federal appeals court reads like a variation on the timeless joke about the legal profession: What do you get when you have three judges writing about the same case? You get four opinions (and a great deal of navel-gazing about the nature ... [More]

Private companies own your DNA – again

by jeeg 1. August 2011 19:09
Many scientists cheered last year when a federal judge ruled that human genes couldn’t be patented. The case involved Myriad Genetics, which holds the patent rights on two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, that are associated with increased risks for breast and ovarian cancer. Thanks to these pate... [More]

Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Gene Patent Case

by jeeg 5. April 2011 05:09
An appeals court here heard arguments Monday in a high-profile case on whether human genes can be patented -- a case whose outcome could have far-reaching effects on genetic testing at the onset of the era of personalized medicine. A panel of three appeals court judges on the U.S. Court of Ap... [More]

ACLU, PUBPAT And U.S. Solicitor General In Federal Appeals Court Today Challenging Patents On Human Genes Linked To Breast Cancer

by jeeg 5. April 2011 05:05
The American Civil Liberties Union, Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) and U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal were in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C. today urging the court to uphold a lower court ruling that patents on two human genes are illegal. "The hu... [More]

Katie’s law expansion has bipartisan support but faces court challenges

by jeeg 9. February 2011 23:04
A law that would require DNA to be taken from all individuals arrested for felonies, one of Gov. Susana Martinez’s legislative priorities, has wide bipartisan support and will likely land on the governor’s desk for her signature. But after the bill is passed it will face court chal... [More]

Combat in Our Genes?

by jeeg 19. January 2011 21:10
Born soldiers may say they have "combat in our genes" — but a new report suggests the Pentagon may want to give the phrase whole new meaning by turning DNA into the next military battleground. The report, prepared by a defense science advisory panel known as JASON and reported by Secrec... [More]

Congress, not courts, must fix flaws in gene-patent system

by jeeg 23. November 2010 18:10
THE QUESTION of whether to allow the patenting of human genes now seems destined for the Supreme Court, following a lower-court ruling that struck down a company’s patents on genes used to test for the risk of breast and ovarian cancers. There are reasons to be skeptical of gene patents,... [More]

Gene Patent Ruling Raises Questions for Industry

by jeeg 2. November 2010 23:45
When the Justice Department declared in a court filing late Friday that genes should not be eligible for patents because they are products of nature, Harold C. Wegner, an influential patent lawyer in Washington, did not mince words. “Eric Holder Hijacks the Patent System, Flunks Patents 1... [More]

Executive Branch Opposes Gene Patents-Initial Impressions

by jeeg 1. November 2010 19:36
The Department of Justice (DOJ) amicus brief supporting the ACLU's position in the Myriad case that isolated genes are products of nature and therefore not patentable is big news and its brief will carry a lot of weight with the court.      What's mor... [More]

U.S. Government Says Genes Should Not be Eligible for Patents

by jeeg 30. October 2010 13:20
Reversing a longstanding policy, the federal government said on Friday that human and other genes should not be eligible for patents because they are part of nature. The new position could have a huge impact on medicine and on the biotechnology industry. The new position was declared in a fr... [More]
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