Oversold prenatal tests spur some to choose abortions

by jeeg 16. December 2014 01:15
  Stacie Chapman’s heart skipped when she answered the phone at home and her doctor — rather than a nurse — was on the line. More worrisome was the doctor’s gentle tone as she asked, “Where are you?” On that spring day in 2013, Dr. Jayme Sloan h... [More]

Genomic tools will test our resolve to remain flawed

by jeeg 6. May 2014 22:07
  Most Canadian women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome opt for an abortion, and recent advances in prenatal genome sequencing could offer hundreds of new reasons to end a pregnancy. Yet there are no rules to govern how this new technology can be used. Several medical techn... [More]

Fetal Genome Screening Could Prove Tragic

by jeeg 18. January 2013 20:49
In a few years you will be able to order a transcript of your entire genetic code for less than $1,000. Adults cannot do much to alter their biological lot, but what if parents could examine their unborn child's genome? Without proper guidance, they might decide to take drastic measures—ev... [More]

Early prenatal test raises ethical questions

by jeeg 22. February 2012 21:52
Prenatal testing has turned into an unlikely campaign issue. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said this week that some tests, in his words, "encourage abortions." "CBS This Morning" took a look at a new test that reveals birth abnormalities at a much earlier stage. The test is sure to gi... [More]

If You Really, Really Wanted a Girl ...

by jeeg 22. August 2011 18:59
THIS month brought news that could alter the landscape of American pregnancy. Tests using DNA to determine a fetus’s sex were shown to be remarkably accurate, able to tell with 95 percent certainty as early as seven weeks into pregnancy, if a woman is carrying a boy or girl. The tests,... [More]

Abortions on Disabled Babies: The Prenatal Testing Sham

by jeeg 25. May 2011 23:32
Each year, March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). The date 3/21 was chosen as a representation of the genetic cause of the condition, a triplicate of the 21st chromosome. WDSD seeks to raise awareness of a genetic condition that may very well diminish to the point of disappearing. This ... [More]

Simple prenatal genetic tests may lead to healthier babies -- and more abortions

by jeeg 27. January 2011 19:48
If reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis give you the heebie-jeebies, Booster Shots is sorry to inform you that things are about to get a lot more complicated. In just the past month, researchers have made great strides in their ability t... [More]
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