DNA evidence in Grim Sleeper case was taken legally, judge rules

by jeeg 8. January 2014 21:31
A judge ruled Tuesday that DNA evidence that led to accused Grim Sleeper serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. was lawfully obtained from a pizza slice, cups and napkins seized by a police officer who posed as a restaurant busboy in 2010. Appearing on the stand for the first time, Franklin test... [More]

The DNA in your garbage: up for grabs

by jeeg 13. May 2013 21:29
Imagine you stop by a Starbucks one morning, and the shop is robbed only minutes after you leave. Witnesses say the perpetrator was drinking coffee, so investigators retrieve dozens of cups from the trash, looking for genetic evidence. When they analyze it, they may find the robber’s DNA,... [More]
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