Roundup-Ready GMO Maize Causes Serious Health Damage

by jeeg 27. June 2014 02:02
  A controversial paper by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues has been republished after a stringent peer review process. The chronic toxicity study examines the health impacts on rats of eating  a commercialized genetically modified (GM) maize, Monsant... [More]

Former member of FCT editorial board condemns Seralini study retraction

by jeeg 27. February 2014 20:57
A former member of the editorial board of Food and Chemical Toxicology, the journal that published and then retracted the Séralini study on GM maize and Roundup, has written a letter to the editor of the journal condemning the retraction.He writes, "Your decision which can be interprete... [More]

Rounding Up Scientific Journals

by jeeg 14. January 2014 22:38
Scientific Journal publishing reached a low point in November, when the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology retracted a study by Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues at Caen University in France. The study, published in November 2012, assessed the effect of feeding rats corn genetically... [More]

Journal's retraction of rat feeding paper is a travesty of science and looks like a bow to industry

by jeeg 3. December 2013 21:24
Elsevier's journal Food and Chemical Toxicology has retracted the paper by Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini's group which found severe toxic effects (including liver congestions and necrosis and kidney nephropathies), increased tumor rates and higher mortality in rats fed Monsanto's genetical... [More]
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