Genetic Testing and Tribal Identity

by jeeg 26. January 2015 21:54
  The genetic sequencing company 23andMe recently tapped into its vast bank of data to release a study on genetic origins, producing the biggest genetic profile of the United States ever conducted—big, but nowhere near complete. Out of more than 160,000 genomes, only 3 percent of 23... [More]

Genetics theory slammed as ‘racist’

by jeeg 12. May 2014 22:06
  A BOOK claiming genetics lies behind the emergence of ­Europe and parts of Asia as economic powerhouses has been criticised by scientists. A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade, a New York Times science writer for 30 years, says that since the sequencing of the human genom... [More]

Ontario Police face scrutiny over DNA testing sweep

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:25
  Ontario's police watchdog has launched a review of the DNA sampling practices of the Ontario Provincial Police after a complaint alleging racial profiling in the case of 100 migrant workers. The workers were subjected to a testing sweep, even though for many their only similarity to the su... [More]

Stop and Frisk -- and DNA Test?

by jeeg 22. June 2012 21:51
Taking DNA samples from people arrested, but not convicted of a crime, has the potential to make our already unfair justice system even less fair. Before we expand the preconviction DNA dragnet, we should think hard about what that means in a racially biased system. Currently, 26 states an... [More]

New Book on Race and Genetics by CRG Board Member Robert DeSalle

by jeeg 26. September 2011 21:55
CRG Board member Robert DeSalle who (along with his colleague Ian Tattersall from the American Museum of Natural History) takes a hard science look at the concept of race in: Race? Debunking a Scientific Myth  Texas A&M University Press.   From the Publisher: Race has provided... [More]

New Book on Race and Genetics from the Council for Responsible Genetics

by jeeg 13. September 2011 01:56
Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth and Culture Edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Kathleen Sloan Columbia University Press   Do advances in genomic biology create a scientific rationale for long-discredited racial categories? Leading scholars in law, medicine, biology, sociolog... [More]

Race reemerges in debate over ‘personalized medicine’

by jeeg 2. August 2011 00:10
Federal examiners have rejected patents for genetic screening tests because the applicants did not explore their effectiveness for different races, adding to the debate about whether race has scientific validity in modern DNA-based medicine. Some geneticists, sociologists and bioethicists arg... [More]

Genome Revolution Is Skipping Nonwhites

by jeeg 14. July 2011 22:01
The gold standard of modern genomics studies, the results of which guide thousands of investigations into the genetic roots of disease and development, are based almost exclusively on people of European ancestry. Unless that changes, most of humanity might miss out on the genomic revolution. ... [More]

Racial Labels Have Limited Use In Personalizing Medicine

by jeeg 11. May 2011 22:57
For all the fanfare around personalized medicine, the idea has been fairly slow to take off. Boosters have said if doctors had a patient’s DNA information it would be revolutionary: They could look for genetic risk of certain diseases or mutations that determine whether certain drugs ar... [More]

DNA on verge of describing crooks' looks

by jeeg 6. January 2011 21:06
Killers and crooks, clean up after yourselves. Scientists appear to be on the cusp of being able to develop physical descriptions of criminal suspects based on an analysis of the DNA left behind at a crime scene. The latest breakthrough in this emerging field, known as forensic phenotyping... [More]
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