Cops mull DNA testing of Delhi’s beggars

by jeeg 2. January 2015 19:41
Delhi Police is drawing up a plan to conduct DNA tests on people begging on the streets with children, to find out it these kids were their own or had been abducted and trafficked, sources said. The idea was sent to the prime minister's office by a citizen, who suggested that women were ofte... [More]

Donor Deaths in India Highlight Surrogacy Perils

by jeeg 18. June 2014 23:35
  When Yuma Sherpa told doctors at a private fertility clinic here that she wanted to back out, her husband's lawyer says they encouraged her to keep going. Sherpa was assured the pain of the injections to make her super-ovulate, or produce far more than the usual one egg during her menstru... [More]

No more tourist visa for commissioning surrogacy in India

by jeeg 31. October 2013 20:58
Foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy will not be allowed to come on a tourist visa from Friday with the home ministry ordering strict adherence of surrogacy laws.   In an order, the home ministry said several instances of foreign nationals visiting Indi... [More]

Just 60 forensic experts and 25 labs to handle 24,923 rape cases in India

by jeeg 25. September 2013 22:58
The government’s failure to set up new forensic labs and insufficient trained manpower is causing significant delay in criminal investigations. Today, the country has only 25 forensic labs with just 60 forensic experts at work, according to a parliamentary Standing Committee report.Genet... [More]

India’s Doubting Fathers and Sons Embrace DNA Paternity Tests

by jeeg 19. August 2013 21:52
In 2007, a 28-year-old man was propelled from obscurity to prominence when he turned to the Delhi High Court to seek a public acknowledgement of paternity from a senior Congress Party leader, N.D. Tiwari. Rohit Shekhar, who said that he was the result of an affair between his mother and Mr. Ti... [More]

Poor gathering of forensic evidence lets offenders walk free in India

by jeeg 24. December 2012 20:16
She was just 20 when she accompanied her employer to Mamallapuram, where he allegedly drugged and raped her. It's been two years since the incident, but Nisha (name changed) hasn't got justice, as forensic reports did not back up her claim and the man walked free. Public prosecutors say that the... [More]

Indian fertility clinics to come under government scanner

by jeeg 14. November 2012 01:52
Fertility clinics that help conduct surrogacy are all set to come under the scanner, with the state setting up a 10-member committee to study issues related to it. Such centres would also be brought under the ambit of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act, T C Benjamin... [More]

DNA databases: ‘India must learn from international experiences’

by jeeg 2. November 2012 22:00
The Union government is working on a new version of a legislation that seeks to set up a national DNA data base of ‘offenders’, that allows for the collection and storage of DNA samples of those accused in cases ranging from homicide, sexual assault and rape to even violations under the ... [More]

Cloning to keep wild buffaloes soldiering on

by jeeg 30. October 2012 21:04
Chhattisgarh has approached the National Dairy Research Institute to clone its state animal ban bhainsa (wild buffalo) and throw the endangered species a lifeline. Once found in abundance in central India, wild buffaloes, which bear a striking resemblance to bisons, are now restricted to ... [More]

India DNA Bill faulted for inadequate protection

by jeeg 22. October 2012 21:36
Panel recommends that it should ensure right to privacy to individuals A government-appointed committee has underlined several loopholes in a controversial bill that seeks to legalise DNA profiling in the country, recommending that the proposed legislation must ensure the right to privacy of th... [More]
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