'Designer babies' debate should start, scientists say

by jeeg 19. January 2015 20:07
  Rapid progress in genetics is making "designer babies" more likely and society needs to be prepared, leading scientists have told the BBC. Dr Tony Perry, a pioneer in cloning, has announced precise DNA editing at the moment of conception in mice. He said huge advances in the past two ... [More]

Three-parent embryos a step closer to reality after UK Government declares them safe

by jeeg 4. June 2014 19:41
  The prospect of creating IVF embryos with genetic contributions from three people has come a step closer with the Government’s fertility watchdog concluding that there are no scientific reasons to believe that the technique is unsafe. An exhaustive review of the scient... [More]

UK fertility regulator: Public OK with creating babies from 3 people to avoid genetic diseases

by jeeg 20. March 2013 23:06
Britain’s fertility regulator says it has found broad public support for in vitro fertilization techniques that allow babies to be created with DNA from three people for couples at risk of passing on potentially fatal genetic diseases. It also found there was no evidence to suggest the tech... [More]

The British Embryo Authority and the Chamber of Eugenics

by jeeg 12. March 2013 21:17
Scene: A laboratory setting. A scientist begins constructing a new individual by combining parts from two different humans. A new part from one or two additional people is then added. At some point, an electric shock is administered. The scientist observes the composite for a few moments, lookin... [More]
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