It’s Time to Require Labels for GMOs

by jeeg 16. May 2015 00:29
  The decision by Chipotle to stop using genetically modified foods is only the latest examples of the effects of public concerns about technologically altered foods. This decisions was predictable: Once the industry convinced the Food and Drug Administration that GMOs should not be required... [More]

Moving the GMO Debate Beyond Science-CRG in the News

by jeeg 12. May 2015 22:40
For years, supporters and opponents of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) have debated questions ranging from the safety of engineered crops, to their effects on animals, plants, and the broader environment. But in attributing the stance of GMO opponents to “intuitive rea... [More]

CRG Board Chair Debates GMOs at the Northeast Farmer’s Association Conference on Jan. 25th in NJ

by jeeg 23. December 2014 00:47
  Join us Sunday, January 25th for a respectable Oxford Style debate on GMO technology entitled “GMOs Have an Adverse Effect on Human Health and the Environment” featuring  Michael Hansen Senior Staff Scientist at Consumers Union , Sheldon Krimsky CRG Board Chair, profe... [More]

US Government, Consumers Inhibit Mandatory GMO Labeling-CRG in the News

by jeeg 16. December 2014 00:25
The US is on the verge of passing a law that will smash states' attempts to label potentially dangerous food containing GMO. The United States and Canada do not require mandatory GMO labeling in contrast with over 60 countries around the world which oblige manufacturers to mark such products. US ... [More]

Are GMOs Worth the Trouble?

by jeeg 29. March 2014 00:24
  You hear a lot these days about genetically modified organisms, with many people arguing that they’ll be a necessity in the not-so-distant future, as climate change stresses agriculture, and as a growing, and increasingly affluent, population consumes more food, and more inefficie... [More]

Genetically Modified Foods: Questions Remain

by jeeg 10. February 2014 18:43
Contrary to the assertions of Jayson Lusk and Henry I. Miller, genetically modified crops have perpetuated the need for ever-larger amounts of harmful pesticides, worsening the development and spread of herbicide-resistant weeds and destroying the food sources for beneficial insects like the monar... [More]

Organic food and farm groups ask Obama to require GMO food labels

by jeeg 16. January 2014 20:11
Four U.S. lawmakers joined with more than 200 food companies, organic farming groups, health and environment organizations and other groups on Thursday to urge President Barack Obama to require manufacturers to label food products that contain genetically engineered ingredients. The gro... [More]

Fakethrough! GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism

by jeeg 7. January 2014 21:53
Good journalism examines its sources critically, it takes nothing at face value, places its topics in a historical context, and it values above all the public interest. Such journalism is, most people agree, essential to any equitable and open system of government. These statements about journ... [More]

Journal's retraction of rat feeding paper is a travesty of science and looks like a bow to industry

by jeeg 3. December 2013 21:24
Elsevier's journal Food and Chemical Toxicology has retracted the paper by Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini's group which found severe toxic effects (including liver congestions and necrosis and kidney nephropathies), increased tumor rates and higher mortality in rats fed Monsanto's genetical... [More]

Do We Need GMOs?

by jeeg 26. November 2013 21:10
Most observers agree that we are facing big obstacles to producing enough food sustainably in coming decades. Issues of distribution and food justice remain paramount, but production must also be adequate, and the huge impact that agriculture has on the environment must be reversed. It is in ... [More]
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