Genetically Modified Pigs: Coming Soon to Your Dinner Plate?

by jeeg 6. October 2010 23:14
The outcry over FDA considering allowing genetically modified salmon for human consumption has almost overshadowed another GM animal that’s up for approval: the Enviropig. Researchers at the University of Guleph in Canada have genetically engineered a pig that creates fewer pollutants i... [More]

In Memoriam: Dennis Pollock

by jeeg 5. October 2010 19:03
It is with great sadness that I announce that Dennis Pollock passed away yesterday in Dallas, TX.   He was a tireless champion for the Alpha-1 ( a recessive genetic disorder with emphysema like symptoms) community and a strong advocate for the Genetic Informa... [More]

Where does the myth of a gene for things like intelligence come from?

by jeeg 17. September 2010 20:57
I recently received an email from a company called MyGeneProfile: "By discovering your child's inborn talents & personality traits, it can surely provide a great head start to groom your child in the right way ... our Inborn Talent Genetic Test has 99.8% accuracy." I'd registered to receiv... [More]

The Plague In Chicago-Unanswered Questions

by jeeg 15. September 2010 00:09
One year ago on September 13, 2009 at the University of Chicago, Professor Malcolm Casadaban who had been working under a US government research on Bio-terrorism and Prevention Grant passed away. The story of his death and the reasons behind his death are still a mystery despite... [More]

FDA claims GMO salmon is safe

by jeeg 5. September 2010 00:48
A salmon genetically engineered to grow quickly is safe to eat and poses little risk to the environment, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday. The assessment makes it more likely that the fish will become the first genetically modified animal to enter the American food supply. Food... [More]

Study Finds Americans Willing to Join Database but Consent Issues Remain

by jeeg 3. September 2010 01:31
Most Americans are willing to have their genetic information shared in a national database, but they first want to be asked, researchers report. The new study included participants in the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) study, a long-term project tracking age-related changes in thousands of pa... [More]

Genetic Predisposition to Survey Taking?

by jeeg 2. September 2010 22:59
A new study from North Carolina State is claiming that they have discovered a genetic predisposition to survey taking by comparing data from sets of identical and fraternal twins  As absurd as the premise of this study is on its face, it proves a classic example of the willingness to see... [More]

Federal Judge Hints at Views on Gene Patents

by jeeg 31. August 2010 02:50
In a recent dissent in an unrelated patent case, Federal Circuit Judge Timothy B. Dyk in Intervet v. Merial raises the question as to whether isolated DNA is patentable subject matter.  Dyk's dissent is important as a member of the Federal Circuit to whom the Myriad case has been app... [More]

GM salmon may go on sale in US after public consultation

by jeeg 30. August 2010 20:44
US authorities today began the process to approve the first GM animal for human consumption. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a 60-day period of consultation and public meetings over whether to permit a GM strain of salmon to be eaten by humans, even though it ha... [More]

Court Rules Against GM Sugar Beets

by jeeg 14. August 2010 13:13
A federal district court judge revoked the government’s approval of genetically engineered sugar beets Friday, saying that the Agriculture Department had not adequately assessed the environmental consequences before approving them for commercial cultivation. The decision, by Judge Jeff... [More]
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