Scientists attacked over claim that 'junk DNA' is vital to life

by jeeg 25. February 2013 18:38
It was the scientific surprise of 2012. Researchers announced they had found that long stretches of human DNA – previously dismissed as "junk" – were in fact crucial to the working of our bodies. The assumption that our cells are controlled by only a few genes was wrong. Scientists ... [More]

New Research on "Junk" DNA Raises Questions on Eve of Crucial Court Hearing

by jeeg 20. September 2012 01:36
On September 19, the Ninth Circuit is set to hear new arguments in Haskell v. Harris, a case challenging California’s warrantless DNA collection program. Today EFF asked the court to consider ground-breaking new research that confirms for the first time that over 80% of our DNA that was on... [More]

Most of what you read was wrong: how press releases rewrote scientific history

by jeeg 14. September 2012 01:51
This week, the ENCODE project released the results of its latest attempt to catalog all the activities associated with the human genome. Although we've had the sequence of bases that comprise the genome for over a decade, there were still many questions about what a lot of those bases do when inside... [More]

Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From ‘Junk,’ Play Crucial Role

by jeeg 6. September 2012 21:46
Among the many mysteries of human biology is why complex diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and psychiatric disorders are so difficult to predict and, often, to treat. An equally perplexing puzzle is why one individual gets a disease like cancer or depression, while an identical twin remain... [More]
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