States Should Secure Parental Consent Before Storing Newborn DNA

by jeeg 5. November 2014 22:40
  The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on a bill that has a promising name but a frightening reality. The “Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act of 2014” (H.R. 1281) passed the House in late June and, if approved by the Senate and signed into law, would provide $99.5 ... [More]

New DNA analysis could provide complete description of a suspect

by jeeg 4. November 2014 21:57
  When DNA evidence began appearing in U.S. courtrooms in the late 1980s, it was heralded as the greatest leap forward in criminal investigation since fingerprinting. In the following decades, its analysis has helped identify and incarcerate the guilty as well as exonerate and free the innoc... [More]

Appeals court upholds retention of volunteered DNA

by jeeg 5. August 2014 21:49
  An appeals court on Wednesday sanctioned the police's use of genetic material obtained in one investigation to solve other crimes, but agreed with attorneys for a burglar that questions surround the little known practice. Three judges of the Court of Special Appeals upheld the burglary co... [More]

In Search for Killer, DNA Sweep Exposes Intimate Family Secrets in Italy

by jeeg 30. July 2014 00:51
  The body of Yara Gambirasio, a 13-year-old student, was found on a chilly day in a quiet northern city in Lombardy in February 2011, three months after she was reported missing following a gymnastics practice. The autopsy showed she had been beaten but not sexually abused, stabbed several ... [More]

Who’s Keeping Your Data Safe in DNA Banks?

by jeeg 26. July 2014 01:45
  Thinner than average, with serious, shadowed eyes, Kevin Anderson, 36, has worked as a filmmaker for over 10 years. He’s traveled throughout Europe and the Americas producing web and sports videos, news packages and documentary shorts. In his infancy, he was diagnosed with a rare gen... [More]

DNA and Privacy in Vermont

by jeeg 18. July 2014 18:26
  The intersection of technology and law has been the scene of numerous collisions in recent years, and often it has been unclear which had the better claim to the right of way. A sharply divided Vermont Supreme Court decided just such a case last week, ruling that the routine collection of ... [More]

Vermont court rules no DNA collection until conviction

by jeeg 12. July 2014 15:42
The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled in favor of more than 100 alleged offenders. The case dealt with the collection of their DNA and a suspect's right to keep their genetic material private prior to conviction. The ruling won't overturn any convictions because the practice of collecting a suspect... [More]

David Cameron in talks with EU leaders over international DNA database

by jeeg 10. July 2014 22:46
  David Cameron has been involved in talks which could increase cooperation over policing in Europe, documents show. Ministers have told EU leaders that they will make a decision on whether to take part in a Europe-wide DNA database by 1 December next year and have promised to compensate Br... [More]

N.J. Senate committee OKs bill allowing DNA collection in minor crime convictions

by jeeg 19. June 2014 23:05
  Police would be able to collect DNA from people convicted of minor crimes, a move that would greatly expanding the number of those required to provide samples, if a bill approved Thursday becomes law. Previously, DNA samples were taken from sex offenders and people who committed certain v... [More]

GeneWatch UK criticized speech by NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens

by jeeg 4. June 2014 19:49
  Genetic information is irrelevant to most people's care GeneWatch UK today criticised a speech by the new NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens, in which he reportedly argued that the NHS must be transformed to make people's personal genetic information the basis of their treatments (... [More]
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