Glowing Plants: Crowdsourced Genetic Engineering Project Ignites Controversy

by jeeg 11. June 2013 23:18
In April three biohackers from a California Do-It-Yourself biology lab, BioCurious, posted a Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource their plan to bioengineer a glowing plant. They asked for $65,000. But by the close of their campaign at midnight on Thursday, June 6, they had raised a remarkable... [More]

D.I.Y. Biology, on the Wings of the Mockingjay

by jeeg 11. May 2012 19:18
Genetically modified organisms are not wildly popular these days, except one: a fictional bird that is central to the hugely popular movie and book trilogy “The Hunger Games.” That’s the mockingjay, a cross between a mockingbird and a genetically engineered spy bird called a ja... [More]
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