DNA evidence in Amanda Knox trial 'may have been contaminated'

by jeeg 30. June 2011 20:28
Some of the DNA traces used to convict American student Amanda Knox of murdering Briton Meredith Kercher may have been contaminated, independent experts say.     The review by two court- appointed experts was requested by the defence and has been eagerly awaited. Its conclusions c... [More]

Genetics and Crime: Shoddy Journalism in the New York Times

by jeeg 23. June 2011 22:09
What kills socially useful journalism is an ideological agenda and a stupid hunt for "news" often manufactured at the news desk. In the New York Times of June 20, 2011, buried in the Arts section (at least in the Midwest edition), you will find a sterling example of one reason why print newsp... [More]

Prisoners will be forced to give DNA samples for national crime database – report

by jeeg 4. May 2011 22:35
PRISONERS WILL BE forced to give DNA samples as part of plans to establish a national crime database, according to a report this morning. The Irish Daily Mail reports that every inmate convicted of a serious offence or arrested for a crime that carries a jail term of five years or more will b... [More]

Katie’s law expansion has bipartisan support but faces court challenges

by jeeg 9. February 2011 23:04
A law that would require DNA to be taken from all individuals arrested for felonies, one of Gov. Susana Martinez’s legislative priorities, has wide bipartisan support and will likely land on the governor’s desk for her signature. But after the bill is passed it will face court chal... [More]

UAE aims to create DNA database in 10-year project

by jeeg 18. January 2011 22:38
The UAE has large plans and grandiose ambitions to create a national DNA database. "This is a ten-year project and the UAE is set to be among the first countries to establish a DNA to all its residents and one of 55 countries out of 180 that will establish such a database," Colonel Dr Ahmad A... [More]

A Spray of DNA to Keep the Robbers Away

by jeeg 19. October 2010 21:20
ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands — When the McDonald's down from City Hall here was burglarized a few years ago, its managers decided they needed a new security system. It was just about that time that local police officers were offering something totally different that they hoped w... [More]

Democrats and DNA Databases

by jeeg 24. September 2010 19:16
The Democratic Party has long gained political capital and much of its identity by holding itself out as a champion of civil liberties. From supporting free speech to protecting individuals' privacy, Democrats have presented themselves as defenders of the basic principle that government should... [More]
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