China Experiences a Booming Underground Market in Surrogate Motherhood

by jeeg 4. August 2014 22:13
  In a small conference room overlooking this city’s smog-shrouded skyline, Huang Jinlai outlines his offer to China’s childless elite: for $240,000, a baby with your DNA, gender of your choice, born by a coddled but captive rural woman. The arrangement is offered by Mr. Huang&r... [More]

China Puts the Kibosh on Genetic Testing, Surprising Even Genetic Experts

by jeeg 7. May 2014 20:35
  Genetic testing has been halted in China. This unexpected decree was announced in February. Government officials cited challenges surrounding “ethics, privacy, and the protection of human heredity resources, in a message posted on the China Food and Drug Administration’s web... [More]

China Bans Genetic Testing

by jeeg 17. March 2014 22:27
  For nearly a half-century, interrupted only by the Cultural Revolution, China promoted the growth of genetic testing to prevent and address birth defects through state-run hospitals, as well as charities and increasingly in recent years, private enterprises. Then last month, China reverse... [More]

China Cracks Down on DNA Testing

by jeeg 4. March 2014 01:01
Genetic testing has grown to be a business big enough in China to warrant the government’s intervention. Early in February, the government quietly put the brakes on the provision of genetic tests to customers by domestic hospitals and a variety of medical and health institutions.   If... [More]

Food Fight in China Over GM Crops

by jeeg 13. December 2013 20:05
  OF THE many thousands of usually small protests that break out in China every year, few relate to national policy. Many consider the risk of challenging the central government too great. But the entrance to the agriculture ministry is a gathering spot for occasional demonstrations. T... [More]

Police bring 1,400 vagrant or abducted kids home

by jeeg 27. September 2011 22:48
Chinese police have helped more than 1,400 homeless or abducted children return to their homes through DNA matching as part of efforts to fight human trafficking since 2009, the Beijing News reported on Sunday. National DNA database has reduced child trafficking in China, Chen Shiqu, director... [More]

Debate rages on over production of GM products

by jeeg 15. December 2010 20:34
Every time Zhao Fengxia shops for cooking oil, she checks the label to make sure she is buying non-genetically-modified (GM) soy oil. “I am not sure whether GM food is safe or not. It just sounds scary,” said Zhao, a 47-year-old food safety-conscious consumer who works in a Beijin... [More]
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