Despite Gene Patent Victory, Myriad Genetics Faces Challenges

by jeeg 25. August 2011 21:04
Myriad Genetics retained its monopoly on a lucrative genetic test for breast cancer risk when a federal appeals court recently upheld the company’s patents on two human genes — and the validity of gene patents in general. But it is only a matter of time before the company’s... [More]

Battle Over Gene Patents Most Likely Headed to Supreme Court

by jeeg 22. August 2011 21:00
Courts need to be the keepers of the Constitution. But the Federal Circuit has failed its duty in the current battle over the patentability of isolated genes and gene sequences that are crucial to the fight against breast and ovarian cancer. First some history. The BRCA genes, which contain ... [More]

Private companies own your DNA – again

by jeeg 1. August 2011 19:09
Many scientists cheered last year when a federal judge ruled that human genes couldn’t be patented. The case involved Myriad Genetics, which holds the patent rights on two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, that are associated with increased risks for breast and ovarian cancer. Thanks to these pate... [More]

Myriad’s gene patenting battle moves to next stage

by jeeg 27. October 2010 23:31
The second stage is now set in an epic legal question over a weighty and emotional matter of public policy: Whether patents connected to naturally occurring genes can be granted by the federal government. For Myriad Genetics, a lawsuit over its patents that concern two human genes related to ... [More]

Do-It-Yourself Gene Testing Threatens Myriad’s Monopoly

by jeeg 12. October 2010 23:48
Myriad Genetics sells an expensive genetic test for breast cancer risk for $3000. University of Maryland gene scientist Steven Salzberg thinks people should be able to do it at home  for free. He has created free software that analyzes the genome for 68 mutations in the&nb... [More]

Myriad Offers to "Gift" Its Breast Cancer Patent to Australia

by jeeg 30. September 2010 00:00
Myriad Genetics, in mid-August, 2010, sent a letter offering to surrender its Australian BRCA1 breast cancer gene.  The letter said, "Myriad wishes to gift Australian Patent No 686004 (the Patent) to the people of Australia."  On September 2, 2010, the Commissioner of Patents published n... [More]

Myriad Gene Patent Litigation Goes Down Under

by jeeg 21. June 2010 22:43
On Tuesday, June 9, 2010, several plaintiffs, including a breast cancer patient and a cancer advocacy group, sued in a Sydney, Australia federal court to invalidate Myriad Genetics’ patents on the breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA-1 and 2. According to published reports and comment... [More]
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