U.S. House unanimously approves newborn screening bill with CRG backed privacy and consent provisions

by jeeg 11. December 2014 18:55
National newborn screening legislation is headed to President Barack Obama's desk for signature after unanimously passing the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday. The legislation includes new timeliness and tracking measures aimed at eliminating delays in newborn screening so babies with deadly yet treatable genetic disorders are diagnosed quickly. The changes were made in response to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation last year that found thousands of hospitals were ... [More]

Lawsuit filed in Oregon GMO labeling recount

by jeeg 10. December 2014 00:15
  Supporters of a measure to label genetically modified food in Oregon filed a lawsuit Monday claiming 4,600 valid votes were rejected during the statewide recount that's underway. Nine voters have asked a judge for a restraining order to stop certification of the recount results until those 4,600 votes are counted, said Keven Glenn, spokesman for the Yes on 92 campaign. "We have said from the beginning of the recount that all valid votes should be counted, but unfortunately that is no... [More]

Australia's NHMRC releases guidelines after concerns online genetic tests may not meet quality standards

by jeeg 10. December 2014 00:11
  Experts are warning Australians to be extremely careful when ordering genetic tests online, saying the tests may not meet Australian quality and reliability standards. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has released new advice for consumers, after genetic tests have become increasingly available on the internet and cheaper to buy. NHMRC chief executive Professor Warwick Anderson said patients and consumers need to "be aware of the implications of using genetic t... [More]

CRG Victory! Privacy and consent provisions added to Senate passed newborn screening bill

by jeeg 9. December 2014 18:40
  December 9, 2014 The U.S. Senate has passed H.R. 1281, the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act, after adopting significant privacy and consent protections championed by the Council for Responsible Genetics.   Every US state conducts  a newborn screening test on every baby born within its borders. State law generally requires that a nurse takes a few drops of blood from the heel of each newborn, and submits it to a state laboratory. There, researchers test... [More]

Psychiatry: End of the Road for “Endophenotypes”?

by admin 8. December 2014 22:44
  An important new study could undermine the concept of ‘endophenotypes’ – and thus derail one of the most promising lines of research in neuroscience and psychiatry. The findings are out now in Psychophysiology. Unusually, an entire special issue of the journal is devoted to presenting the various results of the study, along with commentary, but here’s the summary paper: Knowns and unknowns for psychophysiological endophenotypes by Minnesota researchers William ... [More]


CRG Board Member Dr. Robert Green Discusses Returning Genomic Research Results to Participants

by jeeg 8. December 2014 20:59
  Research on the human genome is advancing at a tremendous pace, and the cost of genetic testing is falling just as quickly. But those signs of scientific progress also raise complicated ethical issues for doctors, researchers and patients. If you agree to participate in a genome research study, what happens if the researchers find a risky gene in your sequence? Do they have an obligation to tell you? What if you don't want to know? And what about your fami... [More]

DNA Pioneer Watson's Nobel Prize Sells For $4.75 Million

by admin 5. December 2014 19:12
  The Nobel Prize medal that James Watson won for helping explain how DNA is structured has a new owner, as the 1962 gold medal was bought for more than $4.75 million at auction Thursday. Watson has said he'll donate much of the money to educational institutions. The identity of the winning bidder, who participated by phone, has not been revealed. The first-ever sale of a Nobel prize by a living recipient follows a new period of controversy for Watson, 86, who's been accused of both ra... [More]


U.K. approves sales of 23andMe genetic test banned in U.S.

by jeeg 5. December 2014 18:56
  U.K. residents interested in finding out their genetic health risks for diseases like Alzheimer's, breast cancer and dozens of other conditions will now have the option to purchase a home genetic testing kit from the U.S.-based company 23andMe. Officials from the U.K.'s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency say they support the use of commercial genomic testing to help patients become better informed about their health and future medical decisions. However, U.K. health o... [More]

Mandatory DNA collection during arrest is unconstitutional, court says

by admin 4. December 2014 22:03
  A state appeals court decided unanimously Wednesday that California’s practice of taking DNA from people arrested for felonies -- though not necessarily convicted or even charged -- violates the state constitution. The decision, handed down by an appeals panel here, is likely to be appealed to the California Supreme Court. A three-judge panel of the First District Court of Appeal struck down a portion of a 2004 law passed by voters permitting the state to take and stor... [More]


CRG Presses US Senate for Privacy and Consent Protections in Newborn Screening

by admin 3. December 2014 21:44
H.R. 1281 is the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act of 2014. It seeks to reauthorize and amend  a number of state grant programs and federal requirements for newborn screening. The bill passed the US House by a voice vote on June 24, 2014.              Every US state conducts  a newborn screening test on every baby born within its borders. State law generally requires that a nurse takes a few ... [More]


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