Genecoin: DNA for the Blockchain

by jeeg 10. November 2014 22:46
  While it’s a common refrain in the Bitcoin universe that the Blockchain will have countless uses for the storage and management of scarcity in our lives, it’s still a field that’s just starting to deliver on this promise. Enter Genecoin, a newcomer in the Bitcoin space that seeks to fulfill an unlikely spot in our Blockchain future: the encoding and storage of who we are. Despite its name, Genecoin is not a crypto currency or a counterparty asset. Genecoin is the name... [More]

Spray-on DNA bar codes could be new weapon against food-borne illnesses

by jeeg 10. November 2014 22:39
    To prevent and contain outbreaks of food-borne illness, which sicken 1 in 6 Americans annually, a Bay Area startup is developing bar codes that go directly on fruits and vegetables. But you may overlook them: they’re DNA-size. Using technology invented at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, DNATrek is creating liquids that each contain a unique DNA sequence. The odorless, colorless and tasteless solution peppers the surface of produce, or blends into other oils and l... [More]

The use and abuse of DNA testing

by jeeg 10. November 2014 22:36
  In a landmark decision, the Vermont Supreme Court has deemed a section of Vermont’s DNA collection statute to be an unconstitutional invasion of personal privacy under the Vermont Constitution. The section of the statute at issue amends 20 V.S.A. § 1933(a)(2), and mandates DNA collection and analysis from anyone arraigned for a felony. In several recent trial-court cases, criminal defendants challenged the constitutionality of the amendment. The trial courts hearing those... [More]

Irish Supreme Court rules genetic mother of twins is not their legal mother

by admin 7. November 2014 20:01
The State has won by a six to one majority its Supreme Court appeal against a landmark ruling the genetic mother of twins born to a surrogate is entitled to be registered as their legal mother on their birth certificates. The Chief Justice, Mrs Justice Susan Denham, said the issues in the case arose from radical developments in assisted human reproduction and were “quintessentially” for the legislature, not the courts, to address. There was “clearly merit” in the legi... [More]


The Fight to Take Back Our Genes Moves to Canada

by admin 7. November 2014 00:30
  The fight against gene patents has migrated north. In the first challenge to gene patents in Canada, the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario earlier this week brought suit against the University of Utah for trying to claim monopoly ownership of what they couldn't possibly have created: parts of our genome. The genes at the center of the controversy are associated with Long QT Syndrome, which causes abnormal, life-threatening heart rhythms. Children who inherit certain genetic muta... [More]


Colorado, Oregon Reject GMO Labeling

by admin 6. November 2014 02:05
An effort to label genetically modified foods in Colorado failed to garner enough support Tuesday. It's the latest of several state-based GMO labeling ballot measures to fail. UPDATE: A similar measure in Oregon was also defeated by a narrow margin. Voters in Colorado resoundingly rejected the labeling of foods that contain the derivatives of genetically modified - or GMO – crops, with 66 percent voting against, versus 34 percent in favor. In Oregon the outcome was c... [More]


States Should Secure Parental Consent Before Storing Newborn DNA

by jeeg 5. November 2014 22:40
  The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on a bill that has a promising name but a frightening reality. The “Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act of 2014” (H.R. 1281) passed the House in late June and, if approved by the Senate and signed into law, would provide $99.5 million to state newborn screening programs and research initiatives. A little-known danger of the bill is that it does not include parental consent requirements for state storage, use, analysis and ... [More]

Judge denies U.S. request to block Honeywell wellness program

by jeeg 5. November 2014 22:38
  A U.S. district judge in Minneapolis is allowing Honeywell to begin penalizing workers who refuse to submit to biometric or medical tests. A federal agency had asked the judge to block the program. The case will continue to move forward in the court. The tests, required by Honeywell in a recent policy change, will measure blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose, as well as check for signs that an employee has been smoking. Employees who decline to take the tests could be fined up to ... [More]

This Boston Kickstarter Lets You Read Your Own DNA

by jeeg 5. November 2014 22:35
  Imagine being able to read DNA almost instantaneously. You would be able to see the separate genes from each of your parents and create a DNA family tree; test food for E. coli to avoid food poisoning; test your food for GMOs or hidden ingredients. This kind of at-home gene analysis may seem straight out of Gattaca or X-men, but it's not. A Boston-based startup, called Amplyus, has invented the miniPCR, a small, relatively cheap do-it-yourself DNA copying kit for h... [More]

New DNA analysis could provide complete description of a suspect

by jeeg 4. November 2014 21:57
  When DNA evidence began appearing in U.S. courtrooms in the late 1980s, it was heralded as the greatest leap forward in criminal investigation since fingerprinting. In the following decades, its analysis has helped identify and incarcerate the guilty as well as exonerate and free the innocent. Now, the next generation of DNA analysis, which researchers say can reveal a level of detail far beyond what currently is used in criminal investigation, is awaiting its first courtroom test in ... [More]
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