Genetic discrimination impacts cancer patients in Canada without insurance coverage

by jeeg 17. November 2014 23:59
  This year 67 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day — 14 of those women will die every day, according the latest statistics from the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. It’s a harsh reality for so many women in Canada and Teresa Quick is a prime example of that statistic. The Toronto woman lives with the fear of getting cancer one day. Both Teresa’s mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 34 and then ovarian cancer at the... [More]

Why Are So Few Blockbuster Drugs Invented Today?

by jeeg 17. November 2014 23:54
  In the fall of 1999, a young chemical engineer named Todd Zion left his job at Eastman Kodak to enroll in the Ph.D. program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While looking for a subject to research, Zion noticed a grant proposal, never funded, that another graduate student had written on the subject of drug delivery. One possibility mentioned in the proposal was the development of a kind of insulin that would automatically respond to changes in blood-sugar levels, becoming ... [More]

There May Be No Such Thing As A 'Longevity Gene'

by admin 13. November 2014 22:35
  How do some people live past 110 years old? Is it superior genes, clean living, good luck or some combination of those?Scientists studying these "supercentenarians" said on Wednesday they sequenced the genomes of 17 people ages 110 to 116 to try to determine whether they possess genetic traits that may account for their membership in this exclusive club that worldwide includes only about 75 individuals, nearly all women."This marks the beginning of the search for key genes for extreme ... [More]


Many U.S. Doctors Wary of Genetic Testing: Survey

by jeeg 13. November 2014 22:16
  Many American doctors may not support genetic testing in patients without a major family history of certain illnesses, suggests a new survey of physicians. When presented with the hypothetical case of a middle-aged man with a family history of cancer in an aunt and uncle, more than a third of 180 U.S. doctors surveyed said they wouldn't recommend any genetic testing. Almost half would only recommend testing for cancer genes, and fewer than one in five would recommend whole-genome test... [More]

DNA Tests Will Finally Be Performed in Up to 70,000 Rape Cases

by jeeg 13. November 2014 22:13
  Tests have been neglected, in some cases for decades, because of the high cost Manhattan District Attorney Cryus R. Vance Jr. has pledged $35 million to fund DNA testing in as many as 70,000 rape cases nationwide. Many swabs, painstakingly collected, have been left untested because of the high cost of conducting DNA tests — up to $1,000 in each case — the Associated Press reports. Tests in some cases have not been done for decades. Fresh funding for the DNA tests could f... [More]

CRG Joins Open Letter and Campaign on Living with GMOs

by Admin 13. November 2014 01:53
  Today CRG joined with other NGOs , scientists, anti-GM groups, celebrities, food manufacturers, and others representing 57 million Americans to publish an Open Letter to the UK and the entire EU warning of the serious and manifold hazards of GMO crops - and promising our support in our fight against them. The letter is a timely document because politicians and regulators in the UK and the rest of Europe are currently deciding on the future of policies and laws affecting the regul... [More]

Should life insurance firms have access to your genetic test results?

by jeeg 13. November 2014 00:19
  So, you're thinking you might like to check out one of those inexpensive new tests that would give you some insight into, say, the health implications of your ethnic heritage. It may, incidentally, turn up findings you may or may not want -- say, on your Alzheimer's disease risk, or your risk of developing lung, breast or skin cancer. And let's say in the next year or two that when you apply for life insurance (or long-term care or disability insurance), the insurance company... [More]

GMO battles over 'settled' science spur new study of crops

by admin 12. November 2014 03:25
Monsanto Co, the world's largest seed company, and its brethren of global biotech crop developers are spreading the word that as far as the safety of their genetically modified grain goes, the science is solidly on their side. The message of "settled" science has become the rallying cry for defenders of the crops and food commonly referred to as GMOs as they push back against consumers, environmentalists, lawmakers and others who want the crops labeled, restricted or banned. "We believe the ... [More]


U.S.D.A. Approves Modified Potato. Next Up: French Fry Fans.

by Admin 11. November 2014 23:58
  A potato genetically engineered to reduce the amounts of a potentially harmful ingredient in French fries and potato chips has been approved for commercial planting, the Department of Agriculture announced on Friday. The potato’s DNA has been altered so that less of a chemical called acrylamide, which is suspected of causing cancer in people, is produced when the potato is fried. The new potato also resists bruising, a characteristic long sought by potato growers and processors... [More]

Combining The DNA Of Three People Raises Ethical Questions

by admin 10. November 2014 22:48
  In a darkened lab in the north of England, a research associate is intensely focused on the microscope in front of her. She carefully maneuvers a long glass tube that she uses to manipulate early human embryos. "It's like microsurgery," says Laura Irving of Newcastle University. Irving is part of a team of scientists trying to replace defective DNA with healthy DNA. They hope this procedure could one day help women who are carrying genetic disorders have healthy children. ... [More]


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