Wisconsin agency preps for big jump in DNA testing

by admin 26. November 2014 19:36
  The state Department of Justice has hired nearly twenty more workers and begun a pricey renovation of its Madison crime lab so that it will be able to handle tens of thousands of additional DNA samples when new collection requirements take effect next year. Wisconsin currently takes DNA samples from anyone convicted of a felony and certain sex-related misdemeanors. A Republican-backed law set to take effect on April 1 dramatically expands the grounds for collection. The measure requi... [More]


Reports from infectious disease lab in Montana show lax biosafety rules

by admin 25. November 2014 23:18
  In a sleepy town in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, federal police officers enforce security protocols designed to keep deadly viruses and toxins from escaping one of the government’s top laboratories. Despite instruction and warnings, employees at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton -- who are working on a vaccine for Ebola, studying Staphylococcus bacteria and other infectious diseases -- have broken the rules.   In one incident, a female animal handler reported ... [More]


Preparing for biometrics and drones in the ‘post-privacy’ era

by jeeg 25. November 2014 23:16
    Privacy is generally understood as a freedom from unauthorized intrusions. The development of the legal protection of our privacy rights was historically tied to traditional concepts of home, curtilage or property. As frequently articulated, our privacy rights were connected to a “thing” or a “place” where we had a reasonable expectation of privacy. This concept transitioned over time from a physical place to include information space. Now the astonishin... [More]

Final Oregon tally due today; GMO recount likely

by jeeg 25. November 2014 01:39
  Today is the deadline for Oregon counties to finish tallying votes and report their final results to the state. With many counties already done counting, a ballot measure that would require labels for genetically engineered foods appears headed for an automatic recount. Election workers have until 5 p.m. to report. The latest numbers show Measure 92 trailing by about 1,000 votes. A recount on the food labeling measure would be the first statewide recount since 2008. It would be... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-New Age of Human Genetic Engineering?

by jeeg 24. November 2014 22:36
    New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine:    New Age of Human Genetic Engineering? The Safety and Ethics of Attempts to Prevent Mitochondrial Disease     It may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but human germ-line genetic engineering has now entered the realm of possibility. Authorities in the U.S. and U.K. are weighing a fertility procedure that involves combining the genetic material of three people into a fertilized egg to allege... [More]

The FBI Is Very Excited About This Machine That Can Scan Your DNA in 90 Minutes

by admin 21. November 2014 01:26
Robert Schueren shook my hand firmly, handed me his business card, and flipped it over, revealing a short list of letters and numbers. "Here is my DNA profile." He smiled. "I have nothing to hide." I had come to meet Schueren, the CEO ofIntegenX, at his company's headquarters in Pleasanton, California, to see its signature product: a machine the size of a large desktop printer that can unravel your genetic code in the time it takes to watch a movie. Schueren grabbed a cotton swab and dropped ... [More]


Discrimination based on genetics could soon be illegal in Canada

by admin 20. November 2014 01:21
  Even a decade ago, the idea of genetic discrimination sounded like science fiction. Today, it’s a reality Canadian law could soon address. It is increasingly easy to have your personal genome sequenced and analyzed for genetic markers. There are now relatively simple tests that can determine if an individual is likely to develop Alzheimer’s, certain kinds of cancer,  or inherited conditions like sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis. That kind of information coul... [More]


British Police Open Up DNA Database to Europe

by jeeg 20. November 2014 01:19
  Britain is to share its DNA data with European police forces next year in a move that threatens to reignite concerns of eurosceptics over EU justice and policing measures. The compromise agreement brokered in Brussels covers a European data co-operation scheme that Britain is formally leaving and is not part of the EU police and justice measures the House of Commons voted on Monday to rejoin. Britain’s concession involves providing limited access to the... [More]

Government storing baby blood data raises privacy concerns

by admin 19. November 2014 01:50
  The Nafkes of Apex have two healthy daughters, and their girls are among the millions of children already screened. Both of their results came back perfectly normal. But it's what the government is doing with your child's DNA after the children are screened for diseases that is raising ethical concerns. “I thought they were using it to check to see if she had any newborn illnesses that can be detected through this blood test,” said Melissa Nafke, a mother of tw... [More]


Woolly mammoth cloning war: Scientists are divided over the ethics of attempting to revive extinct mammal

by admin 18. November 2014 00:03
Will woolly mammoths stride the Siberian plains once again? DNA samples from an exceptionally well preserved extinct Mammuthus, found in the snowy wastes of Siberia, have raised the prospect of cloning. But scientists are divided about raising the species from the dead, 10,000 years after becoming extinct. Russian scientists were amazed at the condition of the mammoth, found embedded in a chunk of ice on a remote Siberian island. The samples were so well preserved that fresh blood was found ... [More]


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