China Experiences a Booming Underground Market in Surrogate Motherhood

by jeeg 4. August 2014 22:13
  In a small conference room overlooking this city’s smog-shrouded skyline, Huang Jinlai outlines his offer to China’s childless elite: for $240,000, a baby with your DNA, gender of your choice, born by a coddled but captive rural woman. The arrangement is offered by Mr. Huang’s Baby Plan Medical Technology Company, with branches in four Chinese cities and up to 300 successful births each year. As in most countries, surrogacy is illegal in China. But a combination of ... [More]

FDA To Regulate Thousands Of Cancer, Genetic, And Other Diagnostics

by jeeg 4. August 2014 22:09
  The Food and Drug Administration unveiled plans to regulate thousands of diagnostic tests, including many coming from the exploding field of genetic research, to which it has until now turned a blind eye. More than 11,000 of these tests, known as laboratory-developed tests, created by 2,000 different laboratories, could be included in the new regulatory framework, according to the FDA. The agency made its plans public in a guidance document that was sent to Congress, as part of legal ... [More]

Smoking mothers may alter the DNA of their children

by jeeg 4. August 2014 22:07
  Pregnant women who smoke don’t just harm the health of their baby—they may actually impair their child’s DNA, according to new research. The finding may explain why the children of smokers continue to suffer health complications later in life. Babies born to smoking mothers tend to be smaller, have impaired lung function, and have a higher incidence of birth defects. Even as adults, these individuals exhibit health and behavioral problems, with those born to smokers ... [More]
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