Iceland Search And Rescue Team Is Coming For Your DNA!

by jeeg 16. May 2014 02:26
  I was flipping through Fréttablaðið on Wednesday morning when a particular article plus two full-page ads caught my eye. ‘This is crazy!’ I thought, as I read the headline, “Collecting DNA Samples From 100,000 Participants In deCODE Research.”   Like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Iceland’s search and rescue team Landsbjörg will soon begin walking door-to-door to win you over to their cause. Only they won’t be doing God&rs... [More]

Boston University’s biolab moves closer to full operation despite challenge

by jeeg 15. May 2014 20:30
  Both the Boston City Council and the Massachusetts Superior Court yesterday took actions that move Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) closer to full operation. The City Council voted down a proposed ordinance that would have banned research at Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) in Boston, and the Superior Court rejected a challenge to a risk assessment by the National Institutes of Health that had found that NEIDL poses minimal risk to the commu... [More]

Lawsuit alleges unauthorized publication of personal genetics data

by jeeg 15. May 2014 00:03
  On Tuesday, an Alaska man became the lead plaintiff in a proposed class-action lawsuit filed against the makers of Family Tree, a Texas-based DNA testing company In his suit, Michael Cole alleges that months after purchasing a Family Tree at-home genetics kit and joining a “project,” an online forum for people doing related research about their ancestors, "the results of his DNA tests were made publicly available on the Internet, and his sensitive information (including hi... [More]

Government Cracks Down on Fake DNA-Based Medicine

by jeeg 14. May 2014 23:57
  Any medical advance always brings along con men hoping to exploit the news with useless or even dangerous "medicine" of their own that they can lie about to sell to people who don't yet know how to spot fakes. Personalized medicine, treatment that uses genetic information to improve people's health, has now reached the point where companies eager to cheat people excited by its promise are sprouting up. The Federal Trade Commission has taken the first steps to quashing these 21st centur... [More]

Your Food Is Poisoning You

by jeeg 13. May 2014 21:57
  There’s a scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the Air Force subjects Richard Dreyfus and his fellow Third Encounterers to the media. The press conference is actually going pretty well, the media seem to be on the verge of believing these people—until one of them, a bearded old hermit type (Roberts Blossom) launches into a speech about how he once saw Bigfoot. Credibility: shot. Such is the case, too, with people who’ve been trying to link celiac disease... [More]

Minnesota Parents, State Law Now Requires You to Opt Out of Blood Samples Storage Involving Your Newborns

by jeeg 13. May 2014 21:52
  Minnesota’s governor last week signed a bill to reinstate a practice that allows doctors to take blood samples from newborns and store them indefinitely unless their parents opt out, prompting concern from privacy advocates. All newborns across the country receive screening tests, but storage practices of blood samples vary widely. Minnesota recently decided to retain samples unless parents opt out. Beginning in the 1960s, the Minnesota Department of Health has screened bab... [More]

Genetics theory slammed as ‘racist’

by jeeg 12. May 2014 22:06
  A BOOK claiming genetics lies behind the emergence of ­Europe and parts of Asia as economic powerhouses has been criticised by scientists. A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade, a New York Times science writer for 30 years, says that since the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, evidence of genetic differences has been mounting. After our ancestors left Africa, he says, different groups of people evolved in slightly different ways to adapt to local conditions. The... [More]

Dolly the Sheep’s Clones Deemed Unpatentable by Court

by jeeg 10. May 2014 00:20
  The Scottish scientists famous for concocting “Dolly” the sheep lost a bid to get U.S. patent protection for the cloned animal, as a court said their creations are just genetic copies of naturally occurring beings. The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh had argued that Dolly, which was created in 1996, and any other clones of live animals are eligible to be patented because they are the “product of human ingenuity.” The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ... [More]

Vermont gov signs law to require labels on GMO foods

by jeeg 9. May 2014 21:27
  Standing on the Statehouse steps before a legion of activists, Vermont's governor signed a new law Thursday that could make the state the first to require labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms — and also could make it the first to be sued over the issue. The law would take effect in July 2016, giving the state Attorney General's Office time to prepare specific rules about the label. But supporters and opponents alike expect Vermont to be sued, possibly by f... [More]

Wisconsin turns to controversial familial DNA testing to solve old murders, rapes

by jeeg 9. May 2014 21:25
  Wisconsin has joined a handful of states in allowing familial DNA testing — a powerful but debatable procedure — to identify suspects in murders and sexual assaults. “We’re getting to the point where we will start offering this,” said Brian O’Keefe, administrator for the Division of Law Enforcement Services at the Wisconsin Department of Justice. “This gives us another way of generating leads for local law enforcement agencies.” Familia... [More]
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