House Rejects Expansion Of Oklahoma's DNA Database

by jeeg 6. March 2014 18:19
A plan to require people facing trial for certain crimes to submit DNA samples to law enforcement has been rejected by the Oklahoma House, despite an emotional plea from the bill's author. On Wednesday, the House voted 51-35 against the bill by Stillwater Republican Rep. Lee Denney who says the measure would help solve cases and would only target people charged with particularly heinous crimes. But lawmakers raised concerns, including what happens to DNA profiles in cases... [More]

Support GMO Labeling in MA

by jeeg 5. March 2014 23:22
The Council for Responsible Genetics believes that everyone should know what they're eating. Join us in supporting mandatory GMO labeling in Massachusetts by calling your legislators before the March 19th deadline! They need to hear from you. Visit for more information. . You think you should know what you're feeding your family? We do too!  Massachusetts is considering mandatory GMO labeling legislation, but unless they hear from YOU before... [More]

China Cracks Down on DNA Testing

by jeeg 4. March 2014 01:01
Genetic testing has grown to be a business big enough in China to warrant the government’s intervention. Early in February, the government quietly put the brakes on the provision of genetic tests to customers by domestic hospitals and a variety of medical and health institutions.   If the ban persists it could blunt the ambitions of Shenzhen-based BGI, which has the world’s largest gene-sequencing capacity, and its various competitors, including Beijing-based Berry Genomics,... [More]

DNA blood test can detect prenatal problems

by jeeg 4. March 2014 00:35
A large new study led by Boston researchers shows that a simple blood test is more accurate than the standard methods to screen for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome in a fetus, paving the way for a new generation of prenatal genetic tests to be offered to all pregnant women. The research published Wednesday is the first US study to compare these new genetic tests with current screening tools in large numbers of low-risk pregnant women. It found the new tests produced far fewer ... [More]
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