CRG Testifies Against Rollback of Newborn Privacy Protections

by jeeg 18. March 2014 04:50
March 17, 2014 Chairman John Lesch House Civil Law Committee Minnesota House of Representatives RE: HF 2526 Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee. Founded in 1983, the Council for Responsible Genetics is the oldest national bioethics organization in the United States. We led successful efforts to enact the federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act and have supported every state and federal genetic privacy initiative in the last thirty years. We are founders of the Genetic P... [More]

China Bans Genetic Testing

by jeeg 17. March 2014 22:27
  For nearly a half-century, interrupted only by the Cultural Revolution, China promoted the growth of genetic testing to prevent and address birth defects through state-run hospitals, as well as charities and increasingly in recent years, private enterprises. Then last month, China reversed course. The China Food and Drug Administration posted a new regulation that immediately banned genetic testing—even previously approved services “including prenatal genetic testing, gen... [More]

Newborn-screening bill would end genetic privacy

by jeeg 15. March 2014 18:21
In a recent commentary, five hospital executives tried to frighten Minnesotans into thinking that if a proposed bill isn’t passed in the Legislature, their babies’ lives will be in danger. The truth is that Senate File 2047 and House File 2526 would not change newborn screening. Rather, this legislation focuses on what would happen after the screening is done. It would repeal a current law that requires parental consent for the government to store and use newborn DNA and babies&rs... [More]

Hacking Your DNA

by jeeg 14. March 2014 21:22
  Keeping track of what we reveal about ourselves each day—through email and text messages, Amazon purchases and Facebook "likes"—is hard enough. Imagine a future when Big Data has access not only to your shopping habits, but also to your DNA and other deeply personal data collected about our bodies and behavior—and about the inner workings of our proteins and cells. What will the government and others do with that data? And will we be unaware of how it's being used&md... [More]

FDA wins high-profile support in consumer genetics kerfuffle

by jeeg 14. March 2014 21:20
  When the Food & Drug Administration last November ordered the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm 23andMe to stop marketing its health-related genetic test kit to consumers, the ensuing debate took on a "rage against the machine" tenor. Entrepreneurs, patients' rights advocates and genetics geeks across the country argued that the plodding, risk-averse regulators of the FDA had neither the right nor the expertise to insert themselves between people wishing to own whatever mysteries th... [More]

Ontario Police face scrutiny over DNA testing sweep

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:25
  Ontario's police watchdog has launched a review of the DNA sampling practices of the Ontario Provincial Police after a complaint alleging racial profiling in the case of 100 migrant workers. The workers were subjected to a testing sweep, even though for many their only similarity to the suspect's description was skin colour. It's the second such systemic review announced in a week's time, and the third of its kind since the inception of the Office of the Independent Police Review Dire... [More]

Whole-genome sequencing for clinical use faces many challenges, study finds

by jeeg 13. March 2014 23:01
  Whole-genome sequencing has been touted as a game-changer in personalized medicine. Clinicians can identify increases in disease risk for specific patients, as well as their responsiveness to certain drugs, by determining the sequence of the billions of building blocks, called nucleotides, that make up their DNA.   Now, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered that although life-changing discoveries can be made, significant challenges must ... [More]

U.S. stores say no to genetically engineered salmon. Someone has to.

by jeeg 12. March 2014 23:58
  The nation’s two largest conventional grocery chains, Kroger and Safeway, have announced that they will not sell genetically engineered salmon. They join several other chains, including Target, Whole Foods (of course) and Trader Joe’s. Now let’s hope the holdouts, such as Costco, do the same.   The Food and Drug Administration has not yet decided whether to approve the salmon, with DNA retooled so that the fish grow twice as fast as conventional salmon. But the... [More]

Court denies Myriad motion to block rival genetic tests

by jeeg 11. March 2014 20:53
  Myriad Genetics Inc said a U.S. court denied its motion to temporarily stop rival Ambry Genetics Corp from selling products similar to Myriad's gene-based cancer test, the latest setback for the diagnostics company. Myriad's shares fell 12 percent before the bell on Tuesday.   Myriad's problems started last June when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the company could not patent naturally occurring human genes, curbing the company's monopoly over a type of gene-based cancer tes... [More]

Take Action-Tell Your Senator to Pass the Forensic Science and Standards Act

by jeeg 10. March 2014 07:35
  Tell Your Senator to Pass the Forensic Science and Standards Act of 2013!   Unvalidated or improper forensic science has contributed to 49% of the 312 cases later overturned by DNA evidence. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee is considering critical legislation that would help ensure that forensic disciplines are based on strong scientific research and governed by consistent and meaningful standards. The committee is scheduled to vote o... [More]
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