Marine Mammal Diversity Can Be Monitored Accurately With DNA

by jeeg 31. December 2013 18:15
Researchers have determined that DNA barcoding could be useful in accurately monitoring marine mammal biodiversity. Up to now, scientists have had a difficult time monitoring marine mammal biodiversity. Some species can be easily observed, while others are more difficult because of their scarcity or their discrete behavior. Researchers collaborated to determine whether or not DNA Barcoding could be useful for monitoring this type of biodiversity, concluding that it could be a useful meth... [More]

I Had My DNA Picture Taken, With Varying Results

by jeeg 31. December 2013 05:21
I like to plan ahead; that much I knew about myself before I plunged into exploring my genetic code. I’m a healthy 28-year-old woman, but some nasty diseases run in my family: coronary heart disease,  rheumatoid arthiritis,Alzheimer's and breat cancer. So I decided to read the tea leaves of my DNA. I reasoned that it was worth learning painful information if it might help me avert future illness. Like others, I turned to genetic testing, but I wondered if I could trust the ... [More]

Gene tests raise murky medical issues

by jeeg 31. December 2013 05:16
In early December, Harvard geneticist George Church addressed a crowd of about 150 life science professionals gathered at Google’s Cambridge office and asked how many of them had had their genomes sequenced. Not a single person raised a hand. Church appeared to have expected the negative response, even at an event where people paid $150 to hear about the future of personalized health care. What baffled him was why? Genome sequencing’s low adoption rate is “one of the greates... [More]

An Ethics for the Future of Genetic Testing

by jeeg 31. December 2013 05:08
The available prenatal testing technologies for expectant parents are constantly changing in dramatic and subtle ways, and 2013 saw its share of those changes. These tests are tricky territory, especially when it comes to genetic screening. What can these technologies reliably offer to those anxiously hoping for news of a healthy, “normal” fetus? 23andMe caused an uproar this year when it patented a 'designer baby' platform, even while it disavowed any intention to develop it... [More]

New York artist creates 3D masks using strangers’ DNA

by jeeg 27. December 2013 21:39
  We leave our DNA everywhere — on the side of a wine glass or on a strand of hair left in a public restroom. An artist is proving that what you leave behind could be a lot more than you think. You may want to think twice before you spit out your gum or drop a cigarette butt in public. New York Artist Healther Dewey-Hagborg might pick it up — extract the DNA and turn it into a 3D face that could look like you! “A lot of my work begins with a question. In this particul... [More]

Why the Angelina Effect Is at Odds With New Guidelines

by jeeg 27. December 2013 02:49
  It's official. The "Angelina Effect" that prompted many women to undergo genetic testing for the breast cancer gene isn't always such a good thing. Actress Angelina Jolie shocked the world last May when she revealed that she'd undergone a preventive double mastectomy after learning that she carried the BRCA gene, a mutation that puts a person at higher risk for certain cancers. She wrote in a New York Times op-ed, "I choose not to keep my story private because there are many ... [More]

Local Police Collect DNA Samples From Crime Victims

by jeeg 27. December 2013 02:42
  Victims of a crime tell CBS 12 they feel like the Riviera Beach Police Department treated them like the actual criminals.Three days before Christmas, a single mom with five children says her family's life has been turned upside down.Why? It’s a family's worst nightmare – they come home, and find out someone broke in, and not just once.But even worse then feeling like your house was violated, imagine feeling like your own personal, privacy rights were trashed by police.&ldqu... [More]

CRG Board Emeritus named one of Nature's Top Ten People Who Mattered in 2013

by jeeg 23. December 2013 17:18
TANIA SIMONCELLI: Gene patent foe A US science-policy expert fought to keep genes open to all. In 2005, Tania Simoncelli managed to shock the senior lawyer at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Simoncelli, the organization’s first science adviser, informed him that companies were snatching up patents on many human genes. “That’s ridiculous!” exclaimed the counsel, Chris Hansen. “Who can we sue?” It would not be that easy. Although the ACLU, a non-... [More]

New Issue of GeneWatch Magazine-DNA Barcoding: The Quiet Revolution

by jeeg 20. December 2013 20:59
Are the boots you’re wearing made from an endangered species?  Is that really beef you’re eating?   Does that new herbal supplement you’re taking actually contain St. John’s Wort?   DNA barcoding is a simple, standardized way of identifying species from a small sample of DNA.  It has almost limitless potential as both a conservation and consumer protection tool. It can be used to enhance protection of endangered species by aiding in the i... [More]

Do You Really Want To Know What Your Genetic Code Says About You?

by jeeg 18. December 2013 21:46
It took 12 years and $3bn to sequence the human genome and figure out the code in our DNA. These days, people can post off a blood sample and get information on their genetic inheritance for as little as a couple of thousand dollars. This drastic reduction in cost, time and effort is fuelling new hopes for what humanity could do with enough data on DNA – data that is now being sought in projects from the recently announced Saudi Human Genome Programme (SHGP) to the UK’s 100K Ge... [More]
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