Creationists on Texas Panel for Biology Textbooks

by jeeg 30. September 2013 22:37
  One is a nutritionist who believes “creation science” based on biblical principles should be taught in the classroom. Another is a chemical engineer who is listed as a “Darwin Skeptic” on the Web site of the Creation Science Hall of Fame. A third is a trained biologist who also happens to be a fellow of the Discovery Institute, the Seattle-based center of the intelligent-design movement and a vice president at an evangelical ministry in Plano, Tex. As Texas ... [More]

Pakistani Clerics Reportedly Reverse Course On DNA Evidence In Rape Cases

by jeeg 26. September 2013 23:08
Rape cases are notoriously hard to prosecute in Pakistan. Under current law, victims must produce four witnesses -- all male, adult, and pious -- to bring rape allegations to trial. Forensic evidence, such as DNA samples, is considered only circumstantial. But that could all change soon if, as expected, a powerful Islamic body in Pakistan agrees to allow DNA to be introduced as primary evidence in rape trials. The Council of Islamic Ideology, the country's top Islamic guidance body, on Sep... [More]

Just 60 forensic experts and 25 labs to handle 24,923 rape cases in India

by jeeg 25. September 2013 22:58
The government’s failure to set up new forensic labs and insufficient trained manpower is causing significant delay in criminal investigations. Today, the country has only 25 forensic labs with just 60 forensic experts at work, according to a parliamentary Standing Committee report.Genetic materials like blood, semen, tooth and bone are analysed at forensic labs in order to to establish a crime. In the December 16 rape case too, the accused were held guilty on the basis of DNA profil... [More]

'Monsanto Protection Act' To Expire, Won't Be Part Of Continuing Resolution

by jeeg 25. September 2013 22:55
The so-called Monsanto Protection Act is set to expire, and will not be included in a bill designed to avert a government shutdown, according to a statement Tuesday from the press office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.). House Republicans earlier this month released legislation that would include an extension of the Monsanto measure in their continuing resolution. The measure shields sellers of genetically modified seeds from lawsuits, even if the resulting crops cause harm. Merkley has op... [More]

More DNA Samples, More Debate

by jeeg 23. September 2013 20:47
Law-enforcement agencies in many places routinely take DNA samples from people convicted of murder and other violent crimes. But here in Orange County, officials also are taking samples from people charged with minor offenses such as shoplifting and drug possession, in exchange for agreeing to dismiss the charges or as part of plea deals. The practice of taking the cheek-swab samples is voluntary, which partially sidesteps a national controversy over when law enforcement can require DNA... [More]

Welsh police take DNA samples from more than 5,500 children

by jeeg 23. September 2013 20:36
A one-year-old baby is among thousands of children who have had their DNA taken by police officers in Wales. A total of 5,561 kids were swabbed by Wales’ four forces as part of their investigations since 2010. South Wales Police took the most – 2,866 samples since 2010 – but Dyfed Powys Police swabbed the youngest children. The mid and west Wales force was the only one to take from children under 10. These included a one-year-old last year, a two-year-old in 2010, a seve... [More]

Initiative 522: Familiar groups lead fight on GMO labeling

by jeeg 23. September 2013 20:33
Monsanto and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, the largest donors so far in Washington’s upcoming ballot contest over labeling genetically engineered foods, know this fight well. They squared off over the same issue in California last year. Monsanto and others outspent the pro-labeling side there nearly 5 to 1 and narrowly defeated the proposition, which would have labeled foods sold at retail that contain genetically engineered ingredients, popularly called GMOs (for genetically m... [More]

HHS launches Meaningful Consent site

by jeeg 23. September 2013 20:28
An online resource to help health care providers effectively engage patients in choosing how they want their electronic patient health information shared was launched today by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Known as Meaningful Consent, the site addresses the laws, policies and issues related to the electronic exchange of health information, also known as health information exchange, or HIE.  The site includes strategies and tools that can be used to engage and educa... [More]

Forensic analyst debunks food claims using DNA

by jeeg 20. September 2013 21:19
Restaurateurs beware: Chris Weland is not the guy you want to serve a bogus meat dish to if he is out for a meal. The forensic analyst at the University of Guelph’s Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding has used his former police sleuthing skills and the university’s revolutionary bar coding techniques to investigate food content claims. In some cases, the results have caused a sensation. In 2010, he was hired by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to test hamburger. Instead o... [More]

Still Chasing Ghosts: A New Genetic Methodology Will Not Find the “Missing Heritability”

by jeeg 19. September 2013 21:01
One of the hopes and promises of the Human Genome Sequencing Project was that it would revolutionize the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of most human disorders. It would do this by uncovering the supposed “genetic bases” of human behavior. With a few exceptions, however, the search for common gene variants -“polymorphisms” – associated with common diseases has borne little fruit. And when such associations have been found the polymorphisms seem to hav... [More]
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