A Genetic Code for Genius?

by jeeg 17. February 2013 04:28
0 0 1 1126 6423 crg 53 15 7534 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE At a former paper-printing factory in Hong Kong, a 20-year-old wunderkind named Zhao Bowen has embarked on a challenging and potentially controversial quest: uncovering the genetics of intelligence. Mr. Zhao is a high-school dropou... [More]

Australian court backs claim to own breast cancer gene

by jeeg 15. February 2013 18:30
Can companies patent human genes? It was the question considered by an Australian federal court judge who on Friday ruled that a U.S. biotech company was within its rights to hold Australian patent 686004.   That patent covers mutations of the human gene BRCA1 which point to a greater hereditary risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The same gene, along with another, BRCA2, is at the center of a high-profile lawsuit in the U.S. set to be heard by the Supreme Court in April. That laws... [More]

Exaggerations and Misrepresentations have no place in Science Policy Debates

by test 15. February 2013 01:44
Yesterday Intelligence Squared held a debate (watch it in its entirety here) on whether we should prohibit genetically engineered babies.  Arguing for the motion were CRG Board Chair Professor Sheldon Krimsky  and Robert Winston, professor at Imperial College London.  Arguing against the motion was Nita Farahany, professor at Duke University and a member of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues and Lee Silver, professor at Princeton University.  ... [More]

Designer Babies Debate Heats Up

by jeeg 14. February 2013 23:30
Could you envision a world without genetic diseases, where parents could control their child’s height, muscle strength, eye color, personality, and even intelligence? Some might consider this a tempting endeavor while others see it as a horrifying science fiction novel turning into reality. The topic of last night’s Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies, sparked a heated discussion on whether or not this science should be banned. Even if the sci... [More]

Debate Tonight: Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies

by jeeg 14. February 2013 00:07
Imagine a world free of genetic diseases, where parents control their offspring’s height, eye color and intelligence.  The science may be closer than you think.  Genes interact in ways that we don’t fully understand and there could be unintended consequences, new diseases that result from our tinkering.  But even if the science could be perfected, is it morally wrong?  Would it lead to eugenics and a stratified society where only the rich enjoy the benefits of... [More]

New Book from the Council for Responsible Genetics

by jeeg 12. February 2013 22:44
Genetic Explanations:  Sense and Nonsense Edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Jeremy Gruber Harvard University Press   Can genes determine which fifty-year-old will succumb to Alzheimer’s, which citizen will turn out on voting day, and which child will be marked for a life of crime? Yes, according to the Internet, a few scientific studies, and some in the biotechnology industry who should know better.  CRG Board Chair Professor Sheldon Krimsky and CRG President Jeremy ... [More]

Uninformed Consent

by jeeg 12. February 2013 22:40
Last year, after years of writing about research studies, I agreed to become a research subject myself.   I agreed to allow a local medical center to use my tissue, health records, fluids, cells, and other “specimens” for research. Not only that – I also allowed the researchers to use the same types of information and specimens from my newborn daughter. The only catch: I have no memory of allowing this to happen. I agreed to all of this either right before, or ri... [More]

French police to DNA test entire male population of village in hunt for serial firebug who torched holiday homes popular with Brits

by jeeg 12. February 2013 22:25
The entire adult male population of a small village in northwest France are to be DNA tested in a bid to identify a firebug who has destroyed eight properties over the past year, including holiday homes rented out to British tourists.   Four hundred Frenchmen aged between 15 and 75, representing half the population of Larmor Baden, on the coast of southern Brittany, will be asked to give saliva samples to forensic Gendarmes this week who will go from to house in a bid to trace the c... [More]

Should feds adopt a DNA program that cracked a 1999 Dutch murder case?

by jeeg 8. February 2013 22:08
The National Academy of Sciences unsuccessfully recommended the federal government establish an independent agency for advancing forensic science similar to one in the Netherlands that recently helped authorities conduct a DNA sweep to nab a rapist who in 1999 murdered a 16-year-old.   The academy in 2009 advised the U.S. government to spin off forensic DNA research and development from the Justice Department into an independent National Institute of Forensic Science. Justice’... [More]

Supreme Court to Hear Major DNA Case

by jeeg 7. February 2013 22:15
The Supreme Court will revisit the crossroad of privacy and evolving science later this month when it considers whether officials can take the DNA -- without a warrant -- of someone who has been arrested but not convicted of a crime.   While all states require DNA from individuals convicted of a felony, the federal government and 28 states also require DNA collection and analysis from at least some arrestees. Alonzo Jay King Jr, claims his constitutional rights were violated when ... [More]
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