SLC company creates cloud-based DNA database for local police

by jeeg 6. November 2012 22:44
With a few quick clicks, Mark Szczepanski uploads the file from his desktop to a simple, red-and-white web page. A few seconds later, a bar graphic turns green. If Szczepanski was a police officer, he might have just found a rape suspect. He was using a test version of a new cloud-based DNA database offered by Utah’s Sorenson Forensics, a DNA testing company. Simple to use and easy to update, the LEAD (Local Entry Accessible DNA) Database was created for local police departments an... [More]

Council for Responsible Genetics Statement RE: AAAS Board Statement Against Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

by jeeg 6. November 2012 00:16
  Council for Responsible Genetics Statement RE: AAAS Board Statement Against Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods   The Council for Responsible Genetics is in fundamental disagreement with the recent statement from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in which it offered assurances that genetically modified foods (GMOS) are safe and that therefore labeling of foods containing GM ingredients is unnecessary.  The AAAS leadership did not reach ... [More]

Cargill’s Meddling in California Politics Goes Beyond Food

by jeeg 2. November 2012 22:05
While Monsanto may have grabbed the headlines for the millions of dollars they have poured into the effort to defeat California’s Proposition 37, which would require the labeling of genetically engineered foods, they’re not the only major global agricultural behemoth meddling with California’s politics. Far more secretive and with ten times the annual revenue of Monsanto is Minnesota-based global ag giant Cargill. Producers of the sweeteners in our soda, the meat in our chili... [More]

DNA databases: ‘India must learn from international experiences’

by jeeg 2. November 2012 22:00
The Union government is working on a new version of a legislation that seeks to set up a national DNA data base of ‘offenders’, that allows for the collection and storage of DNA samples of those accused in cases ranging from homicide, sexual assault and rape to even violations under the motor vehicle Act. A draft version of the legislation — first mooted in 2007 — envisages the maintenance of several state-level databases of suspects across a list of violations ranging f... [More]

Seed companies nearing deal on off-patent GMO technology

by jeeg 2. November 2012 17:39
  The U.S. seed industry said Wednesday it was a step closer to establishing a broad framework for the handling of genetically modified seed technology as product patents expire. The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) said they have completed the first phase of an industry accord that addresses post-patent, single-trait seed biotechnology. When implemented, the groups said, the deal will safeguard foreign regulatory approvals... [More]

Genetic profiteering: scandal of firm 'hiding vital breast cancer data'

by jeeg 1. November 2012 21:12
The company that makes the world's biggest-selling gene test for breast and ovarian cancers is refusing to share groundbreaking knowledge that could benefit patients, academics claim. Myriad Genetics is accused of deliberately withholding data that could help other scientists to understand cancer genetics, on the grounds that the information is commercially sensitive. The healthcare company manufactures the test for determining whether women carry potentially lethal mutations of the two genes ... [More]

New Newborn DNA Sequencing Research Project

by jeeg 1. November 2012 21:04
A new research project is aiming to determine ways that newborn DNA sequencing can be done most responsibly and effectively for the benefit of babies and their families. The project is led by Robert C. Green, a physician-scientist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Director of the Genomes to People research program, and member of the Council for Responsible Genetics' Board of Directors. The project will offer DNA sequencing to parents of newborn babies, then observe the... [More]
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