CRG President Profiled in Current Issue of Brandeis Magazine

by jeeg 4. April 2012 23:44
A Genetics Watchdog- While the emergence of genetic technology holds great hope for the future, Jeremy Gruber ’93 worries about the people who may be cast adrift in the deep end of the gene pool. As president of the Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG), Gruber recognizes the promise of the burgeoning biotechnology industry. Yet, as an attorney, he is concerned about its impact on public health and safety, privacy and individual rights. “Biotechnology has a great deal of potenti... [More]

CRG Applauds CA Introduction of SB 1267 The Genetic Information Privacy Act

by jeeg 2. April 2012 22:12
The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) applauds Senator Padilla for introducing SB 1267, the Genetic Information Privacy Act.  This Act is designed to protect the citizen’s of California from so-called surreptitious genetic testing or the testing of one’s DNA without their consent.   It is becoming surprisingly easy for someone to test your DNA without permission. Every drop of saliva you leave on a Styrofoam coffee cup or hair follicle that falls to the ... [More]

Calls for inquiry into 'astonishing' DNA error

by jeeg 2. April 2012 19:33
  The major blunder that sent detectives on the Gareth Williams inquiry down a blind alley for more than a year is the second embarrassment admitted this month by Britain's biggest private forensic science laboratory. The latest error – described as "astonishing" and which led to a public apology from the company to the Williams family – has raised questions over systems and practices at LGC, which handles half a million samples a year. Critics called for a public i... [More]
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