Irish plan to destroy million baby blood samples 'appalling'

by jeeg 5. March 2012 20:47
MINISTER FOR Health Dr James Reilly has decided to have more than a million archived blood samples taken from newborns destroyed within the next four to six months. Cardiologists have called on the Minister to reverse the decision, describing it as “appalling”. They say the samples could be particularly valuable in genetic tests for diagnosing sudden adult death syndrome. Dr Reilly is to follow the recommendations of a Health Service Executive review group to destroy heel-pri... [More]

Wash. Lawmakers Fight For DNA Sampling At Arrest

by jeeg 2. March 2012 19:07
Mandatory DNA collection is fast becoming routine in the American criminal justice system. In many jurisdictions, just being arrested can mean having to submit a genetic sample to the national database. Federal law enforcement and 26 states now permit various forms of pre-conviction DNA sampling and more states are poised to follow suit. The state of Washington still waits until conviction before taking genetic samples. There, the Legislature's resistance to expanded "DNA typing" has ... [More]

NIH announces database for genetic test information

by jeeg 1. March 2012 21:57
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has unveiled its Genetic Testing Registry, a  database of  information on genetic tests that will be voluntarily submitted by test producers. According to the NIH, there are now genetic tests available for some 2,500 diseases, including those tests that can be directly purchased by consumers. Most tests do not require the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The registry, launched on 29 February, is meant to provide patient... [More]
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