Nationwide DNA Database Proposed in Australia

by jeeg 29. March 2012 01:40
A proposal for an Australia-wide DNA database is building momentum, a 7News report has revealed.   The idea for a genetic profiling registry is supported by Police Minister Michael Gallacher, who will put a proposal before the Council of Australian Governments.   By linking DNA samples from crime scenes to a DNA database there is potential to solve a majority of the 60,000 outstanding cases on the NSW crime scene database, supporters say.   “It’s somethi... [More]


Supreme court sets aside Myriad gene patent ruling

by jeeg 26. March 2012 20:18
The Supreme Court set aside on Monday a ruling that Myriad Genetics Inc can patent two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancers, in a case closely watched by the biotechnology industry. The justices set aside a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that Myriad has the right to patent two human genes, known as BRCA1 and BRCA2, that account for most inherited forms of breast and ovarian cancers, and sent the matter back for more proceedings. The Supreme Court ordere... [More]

Biobanks Asked to Help Deliver Bad (Genetic) News

by jeeg 23. March 2012 23:23
Last year, as part of our human genome 10th anniversary coverage, Science took a long look at the ethical dilemmas facing geneticists when their research on donated DNA unexpectedly turns up a mutation or genetic variation that could affect a person's health, or that of their family. For example, if a researcher sequencing DNA as part of an ancestry study discovers a man has a mutation that promotes Alzheimer disease, should they track down that DNA's owner and let him know? Yesterday, a... [More]

Dog mess could be subjected to DNA test under plans by council

by jeeg 20. March 2012 20:04
Dog mess could be subjected to DNA testing to identify the pets and owners responsible, under plans being considered by a council. Officials in Lancashire are in discussions with a forensic vet over plans to analyse dog dirt found on pavements and in parks, The Telegraph reports.The scheme has been used effectively in Europe and the United States and is seen as an option to help tackle the growing problem of dog fouling. Last year, Hyndburn borough council voted to call on the government t... [More]

Has New York’s Governor Cuomo traded his citizen’s civil rights for corporate profit?

by jeeg 15. March 2012 02:18
March 14, 2012 Today Governor Cuomo announced that a deal with the legislature was near to enact a massive new expansion of New York’s forensic DNA database, a proposal that the Governor has made a top priority for his 2012 agenda.   Adding people who have  been convicted of  minor crimes, crimes for which DNA evidence isn’t even relevant, will impede, not improve public safety by overburdening law enforcement and causing delays in processing violent offenders... [More]


CRG Holds Press Conference in NY State Capital to Oppose its Database Expansion Plans

by jeeg 14. March 2012 01:21
Remarks by:   Jeremy Gruber   President   Council for Responsible Genetics     The Governor argues that law enforcement needs to collect DNA samples from all New Yorkers convicted of even minor crimes.  Let’s start by being absolutely clear about what he actually means.  NY State already collects DNA samples from people convicted of felonies and class A misdemeanors.  An “all crimes” database as has been proposed means collec... [More]

UK Teenager wrongly accused of rape because of DNA contamination is released from prison

by jeeg 13. March 2012 20:30
A teenager who spent months behind bars wrongly accused of rape after a DNA blunder has spoken of his 'relief, anger and disgust' after the charge was dropped. Adam Scott, 19, was due to stand trial next month in connection with a sex attack on a woman at Plant Hill Park in Blackley. His DNA - taken in connection with a separate matter - had contaminated a sample from the victim while being processed at a laboratory run by LGC Forensics. Mr Scott, from Truro in Cornwall, is now consider... [More]

UK Forensics blunder 'may endanger convictions'

by jeeg 9. March 2012 19:24
Scores of convictions for serious crimes may have to be reviewed after a serious blunder by a leading private forensics firm led to a suspected rapist being acquitted, the Guardian has learned. The company, LGC Forensics, has admitted that a sample at one of its laboratories became so contaminated it could not be offered in evidence. The rape case, investigated by Greater Manchester police, collapsed this week with the defendant, Adam Scott, 20, who denied the allegation, being acquitted... [More]

RI Senate votes to collect DNA from some arrestees

by jeeg 8. March 2012 19:12
A proposal to require anyone arrested for a violent crime to submit a DNA sample to authorities is winning support in the Rhode Island General Assembly. The Senate endorsed the measure Tuesday. Similar legislation is already pending in the House. The legislation would give authorities the power to demand DNA samples from anyone arrested for murder, rape, kidnapping and other violent crimes -- before they're convicted in a court. The samples would be deleted from the state's records... [More]

Amateurs Are New Fear in Creating Mutant Virus

by jeeg 6. March 2012 22:58
Just how easy is it to make a deadly virus? This disturbing question has been on the minds of many scientists recently, thanks to a pair of controversial experiments in which the H5N1 bird flu virus was transformed into mutant forms that spread among mammals. After months of intense worldwide debate, a panel of scientists brought together by the World Health Organization recommended last week in favor of publishing the results. There is no word on exactly when those papers — with... [More]
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