DNA of up to a million to be wiped under Freedom Bill

by jeeg 11. February 2011 21:37
Only the profiles of people suspected of serious offences of sex or violence will be retained and only for a maximum of five years, under plans unveiled in the Protection of Freedoms Bill published yesterday. The move ends a three-year campaign by civil liberty groups after a European Court ruled the blanket, indefinite retention of DNA of innocent people was unlawful. However, it will be at least a year before samples begin to be deleted because police chiefs will not change their pol... [More]

Most Rape Cases Are About Consent, Not DNA

by jeeg 10. February 2011 22:52
Throughout the country we hear constant outcry about DNA rape kits that never get tested. Women's eNews has run commentaries about this supposed outrage and just two weeks ago The New York Times reported on a presumably shocking stockpile of untested kits in Texas. A couple of years ago, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof compared the problem to something more likely to occur in Afghanistan than the United States, which turned up the clamor about untested kits. Hold on. The U.S. ... [More]

Katie’s law expansion has bipartisan support but faces court challenges

by jeeg 9. February 2011 23:04
A law that would require DNA to be taken from all individuals arrested for felonies, one of Gov. Susana Martinez’s legislative priorities, has wide bipartisan support and will likely land on the governor’s desk for her signature. But after the bill is passed it will face court challenges from civil liberties groups that say the law with the tenet of being innocent until proven guilty. The bill would expand an existing law, named Katie’s Law, that currently requires DNA t... [More]

Sexual discrimination against women in science may be institutional

by jeeg 8. February 2011 23:25
When it comes to worrying about the underrepresentation of women in science, especially at higher levels, are we stuck in the past? A paper published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that we are. Researchers Stephen Ceci and Wendy Williams from Cornell University in the US reviewed 20 years of data on gender discrimination and the status of women in the sciences. They argue that too much attention has been focused on apparent sexual discrimination ... [More]

Egg donors say they were scammed by Boise fertility company

by jeeg 7. February 2011 23:45
A Boise woman has been indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple charges of defrauding egg donors, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in St. Louis, Missouri. Janae Helgerson, 31, was arrested in Idaho Thursday.  She appeared in federal court in Boise on Friday and was released under the condition she attend her future court appointments. Helgerson owned and operated Mid-West Egg Donation, a company registered in Boise, to match couples seeking to con... [More]

Alaska Sens. introduce 'Frankenfish' ban

by jeeg 4. February 2011 22:53
U.S. Senators Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) formally reintroduced legislation to the 112th Congress to ban genetically engineered salmon. The senators included a companion bill that would require labeling the fish as such in the event they are allowed on the shelves. Such salmon, which have been dubbed “Frankenfish,” were proposed by AquaBounty Technologies and are currently under consideration by the Food and Drug Administration. AquaBounty proposes ... [More]

Eggsploitation Named Best Documentary

by jeeg 2. February 2011 22:23
Eggsploitation has been named Best Documentary in the 2011 California Independent Film Festival Slate Awards. The award was announced as part of the Gala Slate Awards Luncheon held on January 30 in Walnut Creek, CA. The 13th annual California Independent Film Festival runs from January 28 to February 3 at The New Rheem Theatre in Moraga, CA. Eggsploitation will be shown Tuesday, February 1 at 6:15 pm in the Zemrak Theatre. Jennifer Lahl, President of The Center for Bioethics and Culture N... [More]

We Stand in Opposition to GE Alfalfa

by jeeg 1. February 2011 22:18
We stand united in opposition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) decision to once again allow unlimited, nationwide commercial planting of Monsanto's genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready alfalfa, despite the many risks to organic and conventional farmers. Last spring more than 200,000 people submitted comments to the USDA highly critical of the substance and conclusions of its draft EIS on GE Alfalfa. Instead of responding to these comments and concerns, including expert ... [More]
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